Creative leader Jay Morgan launches POPULA – an agency redefining brand for the mobile age

Creative leader Jay Morgan launches POPULA – an agency redefining brand for the mobile age

Multi-award-winning creative leader Jay Morgan has launched POPULA, a creative brand agency on a mission to redefine brand advertising for a mobile-first world.


Led by Morgan, who has held leadership roles at Havas, VML, The Monkeys and Meta, POPULA is designed to evolve brand advertising to be most effective on the most dominant screen in all of our lives – the mobile.

Most recently Morgan held the role of creative director and strategist at Meta. Prior to that he was creative director and innovations director at The Monkeys in Sydney.

POPULA already boasts an impressive body of work with campaigns for a notable roster of clients including BHP, Commonwealth Bank, Canva, Meta, Quad Lock, Red Cross, BIG W, Woolworths Group, and Mindset Health.

Creative partner and founder of POPULA, Jay Morgan, explains the need for a mobile-first approach in today’s advertising: “It’s no secret that our behaviours have changed. Audiences of all ages are now mobile-first, but for various reasons too few agencies are giving their brand partners campaigns which are created for this screen. And I saw first hand during my 4 years at Meta how critical mobile advertising is to the success of customer first businesses.

“POPULA has been born to turn this problem on its head, starting with mobile as the primary screen and creating ideas which extend out from there. We don’t know of any other creative agencies offering this approach.”

Australian consumers are already spending more time on their mobile devices than any other, with research showing it is the dominant device for viewing content. Research indicates 63%1 of total ad spending by 2028 is projected to be generated from mobile in the digital advertising market.

Additionally, more than half of the traffic generated on any website comes from mobile devices, accounting for 56.86%2.

Adds Morgan: “There’s a myth that you can’t build brand in mobile, but that is simply not true. We care deeply about craft and brand building, and we’re approaching creative briefs to work brilliantly in mobile environments first, because that is where most customers are spending their time now. It’s an approach that’s already reaping benefits for the brands we’re working with.”

Says Steve Brennen, ex CMO Uber, Zip, current CEO Archie and chair ADMA, says of POPULA’s approach to advertising: “Getting your brand advertising right for where your audience is today isn’t just important, it’s mission critical. POPULA’s approach to creating brand advertising makes so much sense for today’s consumers.”

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