Your life deserves more than a shoebox: Memories launches with brand platform ‘Keep Living’ via The Monkeys, Melbourne


Imagine a world where you, your beliefs, your memories and your story can live on forever in a digital world. Enter Memories, a new product and digital platform designed to keep you connected with your loved ones, even after you’re gone. To launch the ad-free private platform, and highlight how members can share their stories collaboratively with their inner circle, The Monkeys, part of Accenture Interactive, has created brand platform ‘Keep Living’.


As part of the platform, The Monkeys developed ‘Your Life Deserves More Than a Shoebox’, a launch campaign that highlights a simple human behaviour – that despite our technological advances, many people will store their most precious memories and keepsakes in an old shoebox, left to be forgotten.

Directed by Christopher Riggert at FINCH, the film demonstrates how Memories can help to keep a person’s life-story secure for future generations, providing them with governance over their own legacy.

Since launching in August 2020, Memories has already seen a 190 per cent increase in new membership registrations, a 30 per cent increase in unique users to the website and has gained members from 206 countries and territories from around the world.

Says Paul McMillan, CEO, The Monkeys Melbourne: “We’ve relished the opportunity to go on this journey with the Memories team, helping them to develop a long-term brand platform that embodies a core human desire – to be perpetually connected with those we love, even after we pass away.

“The people, the places and milestones that have shaped your life deserve more than a shoebox. Memories allows your friends, your children and their children to remember you and to celebrate your life.”

Says Tom Ainsworth, CEO, Memories Group: “We’re incredibly proud of the brand platform and creative work we have made with The Monkeys. We’ve already seen impressive results from the launch campaign and believe this is only the beginning.

“Our launch film demonstrates the purpose of It’s about putting you in control of your own legacy, tapping into the uniqueness, depth and authenticity of our lives. It is not about collecting likes and shares. Memories allows you to explore the more meaningful things that make us human: our stories, our true character and our closest friendships.”

The ‘Your Life Deserves More Than a Shoebox’ brand campaign runs on television, digital, social, online and in print.

Client: Memories Group
Chief Executive Officer: Tom Ainsworth
Chief Marketing Officer: Imogen Griffiths

Creative Agency: The Monkeys, part of Accenture Interactive
Chief Executive Officer: Paul McMillan
Chief Creative Officer: Ant Keogh
Head of Planning: Michael Derepas
Creative: Connor Beaver
Creative: Scott Zuliani
Head of Production: Romanca Mundrea
Producer: Emma King
Group Content Director: Sophie Gosper
Content Executive: Ella Papilion
Lead Digital Producer: Tamara Wohl
Technical Director: Jonathon Casley
Designer: Chris Thompson

Production Company: FINCH
Director: Christopher Riggert
Managing Director: Corey Esse
Executive Producer: Loren Bradley
Producer: Claire Thompson
DOP: Jeremy Rouse
Offline: Stewart Reeves @ The Editors

Post Production: Drew Downes @ Atticus
Music Supervision: Karl Richter @ Level Two Music
Sound: Paul Le Couteur/Ceri Davis @ Squeak E. Clean Studios

Your life deserves more than a shoebox: Memories launches with brand platform ‘Keep Living’ via The Monkeys, Melbourne Your life deserves more than a shoebox: Memories launches with brand platform ‘Keep Living’ via The Monkeys, Melbourne