Yoke’s ‘Embrace Bravery’ work for Immigration Museum wins Avantecard Postcard Award


90 - Single Flyer2.jpgA campaign from the Immigration Museum’s Stories from Detention exhibition via Yoke has won an Avantcard Postcard Award.

Entitled ‘Embrace Bravery’ features striking portraits of people who have sought or are seeking asylum or refuge in Australia, with simple headlines exposing the human stories behind the headlines.

The campaign encourages people to look beyond the negative labels, criticism and shame so often levelled at asylum seekers and refugees. Instead it focuses on the personal memories and stories of bravery and courage that make up the exhibition.

The images have been selected as the monthly winner of Avantcard’s long-running Postcard Awards, which recognise creative, strategy and cut-through in advertising.

90 - Single Flyer4.jpgSays Ros Willett, judge: “This card strikes an honest and proud pose. The face of a person whose story the viewer wants to find out about. There is emotional appeal in the headline and a strong call to action to find out more at the museum about stories of people who have been in detention.”

Developed by not-for profit-organisation Behind the Wire, Stories from Detention continues the Immigration Museum’s mission to explore how migration and diversity have shaped the society in which we live.

Immigration Museum manager Padmini Sebastian said the Museum was proud to present creative work that presented the many faces of Australia.

Says Sebastian: “Immigration is not just the story of the past, it is the story of a90 - Single Flyer5.jpg diverse contemporary Australia, a story that is beautiful and impactful.”

The compelling images and the stories behind them can be viewed at Melbourne’s Immigration Museum until 2 July.

Creative Direction and Messaging: Yoke, Richie Meldrum, Pauline Dellit and Olivia Gatt

Design: Yoke, Olivia Gatt and Elizabeth Caruthers

Campaign Management: Museums Victoria, Emma Campbell and Glenn Watson.

Photographer: Thomas Campbell