Yellowglen launches digital ‘Always Sparkling’ spring campaign with Bauer via InSkin Media

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Yellowglen Elle Native INSKIN (1).jpgPublisher Bauer Media and high-impact online ad solutions company InSkin Media has today announced a bespoke campaign for Yellowglen.

Spanning Bauer’s leading women’s publications, Yellowglen’s spring season launch is the latest campaign in a string of online special-builds delivered in collaboration between Bauer and InSkin Media.

Featuring scrolling skins, video content and editorial support from Bauer, Yellowglen’s ‘Always Sparkling’ campaign is currently running across Cosmopolitan, Cleo and Elle.

Featuring Yellowglen creative director, Samantha Wills, the campaign pays homage to Yellowglen’s iconic ‘bubbly girl’, which was a signature of the brand from 2000 to 2010. The bubbly girl of today has evolved and is epitomized by Wills’ beautiful, charismatic, social and sparkling personality. The campaign is brought to life by the tagline ‘she leaves a trail of glitter wherever she goes.’

Bauer digital account manager, Jessica Lee said working closely with Yellowglen has produced a campaign based on holistic strategy.

Says Lee: “Bringing Yellowglen’s ‘Always Sparkling’ campaign to life has drawn on expertise from all over our business. Using Bauer’s key female brands to reach Yellowglen’s core audience was just the start of building an engaging campaign.

“Deploying strategic editorial support aligned with high-impact ad formats from InSkin has produced a great result and points to an emerging trend of greater cooperation between publishers and ad companies.

“Our work with InSkin focuses on delivering the consumer engaging, non-intrusive advertising that enriches editorial content and we believe we’re leading the market in this space.”

GM of InSkin Australia, Matt Newcomb, said the use of tailored online ad formats is a smart branding move from Yellowglen.

Says Newcomb: “Using special-build ad formats is a great point of difference for any brand looking to make an impression with consumers.

“Increasingly we’re seeing forward-thinking brands embracing bespoke solutions that deliver brand messages that align more closely with the publisher’s content. Bauer and Yellowglen’s collaboration is a great example of this next-generation strategy.

“The use of InSkin’s PageSkin Plus format elevates Yellowglen’s content above the everyday and further enhances the quality of Bauer’s publishing ecosystem. The market is beginning to see the great value in online branding campaigns and we anticipate further growth in this area.”