Woolworths ‘welcomes Australia’s fresh food people’ with new ad campaign tonight via Droga5


Screen shot 2012-06-17 at 3.11.02 PM.jpgWoolworths is launching its new ad campaign tonight, but fresh food people is still the main message, the first major debut work from new agency Droga5 Australia.

Says Tjeerd Jegen, managing director of Woolworths supermarkets: “Today we embark on a new journey for our company. We have a proud history at Woolworths of bringing Australians outstanding fresh food and value. We are building on this and our new campaign marks the start of a new promise to our customers as ‘Australia’s Fresh Food People’.

“A new ad campaign, which commences tonight, features nine real Woolworths Fresh Food people. Our renewed focus on our people is testament to the faith we have that Woolworths’ people are our greatest asset.

“Coupled with that is our new theme song, which highlights the rhythm of the seasons and celebrates that every day, every week, every month of the year, Woolies people open the doors to our stores and bake the freshest bread, serve the freshest fruit and veg and the best quality Australian meat and seafood.”