What do you do when you’re a creative and the world doesn’t spin as it used to?


Enter Sweetshop director Jakob Marky with a particularly quirky response to self-isolation.


Says Marky: “Ironically, I had just decided to take two months off, to focus on writing and follow up my “Indie sensation”, my short The Midas Touch.

“Timing couldn’t have been better? Or? As it turned out that my “self-isolation” was stolen from me, and all of a sudden it was not my choice anymore, everyone was taking a break to write. It felt so mainstream. I had to find a way to cope.

“The video is my way of escaping reality for a while, plowing through the very fascinating sides of shutter stock, and finding a way to tell stories, when the world doesn’t spin as it used to.”

The Midas Touch screened at the Göteborg Film Festival in January this year.

Marky is represented by Sweetshop and was named the ‘Best Commercial Director’ by the prestigious Gullbranson awards in Norway and Roygalen in Sweden, hosted by the Swedish Film & TV Producers’ Association.

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