Westfund leans in to its regional values in latest campaign via ABEL, Collider and Hart & Co


Westfund has launched a new campaign entitled ‘From a healthier place’ developed by ABEL, Collider and Hart & Co.


With big city health insurers operating out of some of Australia’s most high-density and high-stress environments, Westfund saw an opportunity to elevate its regional heritage; showcasing itself as health insurance from a healthier place.

Says Laura Pillans, digital experience manager, Westfund: “Westfund has grown up on 140 years of regional community values. We adopt a free-range lifestyle with a focus on mental health and wellbeing – something that comes through in everything we do as a company and a core brand truth we wanted to share with the rest of Australia.”

The new brand platform will be launched through Westfund’s tent-pole campaigns – Smart-savers, Switchers and BAU across a range of TVC, social, OOH and digital applications.

Says Simon Fowler, co-founder and creative, ABEL: “It doesn’t take much digging to discover just how much Westfund’s sense of place comes through in the way they operate. It’s refreshing – health insurance built by a community of people who have a healthy perspective on life. So it only seemed fitting to explore some of those mindsets – the real beauty is the stories that come from these regions are endless, giving Westfund a robust brand narrative they can grow year on year.”

The campaign was realised through film by Suzanne Kim of Collider and Hart & Co’s Corey White on stills.

Westfund leans in to its regional values in latest campaign via ABEL, Collider and Hart & Co

Says Phillip Robbie, creative partner, ABEL: “Working with Suzanne and Corey was an absolute pleasure. We couldn’t have brought Westfund’s wholesome, homegrown values to life without their vision and unique approach to craft.”

‘From a healthier place’ brings the benefits of small town insurance to a national stage. It showcases Westfund as a place where everyone gets a fair go, where a handshake is binding and where we give people the time of day. It solidifies Westfund as the health insurer who provides peace of mind, raised on a regional piece of Australia.

Client: Westfund
Tony Karras, Head of Brand Marketing and Experience
Laura Pillans, Digital Experience Manager

Agency: Abel
Nicole Jauncey, Creative, Co-Founder
Simon Fowler, Creative, Co-Founder
Phillip Robbie, Creative Partner
Nicholas Kelly, Art Director
Kirsty Angus, Client Partner & Head of Operations
Margot Fitzpatrick, Senior Agency Producer

Production Company: Collider
Suzanne Kim, Director
Rachel Ford-Davies and Karen Bryson, Executive Producers
Autumn Loveday, Producer
Adam Wills, Editor
Rumble, Sound Studio
Onyx Music, Music

Photography Production: Hart & Co
Cory White, Photographer