Western Sydney Ad School targets AWARD School rejects + agency ‘Westies’ in enrolment call-out


There is a lot of hidden talent from the west of Sydney. As part of its ongoing quest to find it, Western Sydney Ad School (WSAS) is keen to tutor any students that didn’t make the final cut at AWARD School and any other agency ‘Westies’.


Says Rocky Ranallo, head of WSAS: “There is so much talent from the west of Sydney going undiscovered. And the students who didn’t win the AWARD School lottery are left feeling dejected and demotivated.

“I want those students to know they still have an opportunity for a career in advertising without having to wait a year for AWARD School to come around again.  At WSAS they can be accepted without the tricky entry criteria. We’ve made it as easy as possible to pursue their dreams.

“WSAS will also cost them less than a third in fees, plus the best student is guaranteed a paid internship.

“Agencies who are crying out for more diverse talent have approached WSAS because they’re just getting them from other advertising schools. Don’t get me wrong, Award school obviously does an excellent job. But a lot of talent is slipping through the cracks. Until they open AWARD West, we’re the only resource out here. If they do venture out west, I’ll happily step aside.

“There is another great source of Westie talent already working in agencies across Sydney. Just not in creative. Agencies can send us employees who are keen to move into the creative department, or just want to know where ideas come from, and we can train them for a lot less than AWARD School. So it isn’t going to make a huge dent in the agency’s training budget.

“And, once again, they won’t have to wait a whole year as we can run classes anytime there are enough students.

“They’ll have an experienced CD with 20 years experience at AWARD School tutoring them. They can even choose online or in-person classes at Parramatta.

“WSAS isn’t trying to replace AWARDSChool. All we’re trying to do is make sure that new talent is not lost to the industry because of any real or perceived obstacles put in their way. Especially if you are from the west of Sydney, don’t know anyone in advertising who can give you a leg up, or just can’t afford the exorbitant fees.”

The next semester of WSAS starts mid to end February. Interested students or agencies should go to www.westernsydneyadschool.com.au for more information or to enrol.

WSAS also has hardship scholarships available.