Western Sydney Ad School postpones semester

Western Sydney Ad School postpones semester

The newly formed Western Sydney Ad School has postponed its next semester in light of the Coronavirus and the governments recommendations on social distancing.


After its successful launch 4 months ago the fledgling School is confident it has enough students to start up again at anytime without any real impact on the business.

Says Rocky Ranallo, creative tutor, Western Sydney Ad School: “It’s a bit disappointing for the students but as we’re an independent school and run our classes all year round we’re in a good position to offer quality tutoring whenever we feel it is safe to open again.”

All fees will be returned to the students immediately.

Says Ranallo: “I’m sure the money will come in handy as some of the students have lost jobs and will struggle to get work. We could have taken the classes online but we think the students need the face to face interaction with Matt and I to really grasp how ideas can be generated between teams and from little nuggets of a thought they may have.”

Says Matt Smith, head tutor, Western Sydney Ad School: “And we just wanted to make sure the students got value for money. Teaching how to write ads and understand insights and strategy is really difficult for someone who hasn’t experienced it before and we believe they need that one on one collaboration to really get it.”

The school which is based in the Western Sydney University’s Parramatta campus will continue to take enrolments without payment.

Adds Ranallo: “It’s never been about the money. it’s all about whats best for these kids to give them the best chance of getting a job. We’ll be back and bigger than ever, which at this stage wouldn’t be hard.”

For enrolments go to westernsydneyadschool.com.au.