Western Sydney Ad School offers free TrinityP3 Mentoring and BWM/Dentsu Internship

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Western Sydney Ad School offers free TrinityP3 Mentoring and BWM/Dentsu Internship

Western Sydney Ad School has partnered with Trinity P3 to offer their students a mentoring program for free.


The purpose of the TrinityP3 Marketing Mentors Program is to provide a platform for all professionals within the broader marketing community to be able to share and receive mentoring beyond category silos and company boundaries.

By facilitating the sharing of experience and knowledge through mentoring, WSAS and Trinity P3 can help prepare the students to deal effectively with the challenges ahead.

Says Rocky Ranallo (left), creative tutor, WSAS: “We’re so happy to be able to offer our students this program, for young creatives, it’s a scary business if you have no skill to navigate it, so hopefully, the mentors at Darren’s program can instill confidence in our students and allow them to at some level fast track their careers. All our students are offered this program not just a selected few.”

Says Darren Woolley of Trinity P3: “If we can help kids from the Western Suburbs gain an advantage over other young marketers, we will do everything we can to facilitate it.

“If anyone would like to be a mentor, we would love for you to join the program and give these students an invaluable insight into the business.”

Says Matt Smith (right), head tutor, WSAS: “When our course finishes, we are always there for any student who wants advice, and this is just another way we can keep them engaged not just in their career but the school as well.”

Trinity P3 Marketing Mentors Program was launched as a pilot in April, during the lockdown, and is hosted on the Mondo Mentor platform. The program is open to all marketing professionals in Australia and New Zealand working in marketing, media, advertising, tech, public relations, communications, design and marketing procurement. Currently the program has more than 100 participating as mentor, mentees and both with plans to expand following the end of the pilot program in September this year.

To register interest in participating go to https://www.trinityp3.com/marketing-mentors/

Says Ranallo: “The other good news is BWM/Denstu is giving a 3-month internship this semester for the best graduating student and having worked there for 6 years I know it’ll never be a boring stint.

“Thanks, Rob, Marcus and Brent it actually does make a difference to a young creative to see how a real agency works.”