Western Sydney Ad School and Cummins & Partners launch new GradWest initiative

Western Sydney Ad School and Cummins & Partners launch new GradWest initiative

In a unique initiative, WSAS and Cummins&Partners are backing a year long Grad placement for a student from the Western Suburbs.


The program is a fully paid year long internship which includes 3 months at 4 different marketing/media businesses.

On board for this next year’s winning applicant is Cummins&Partners, the ABC, OMD and FINCH.

Says Rocky Ranallo, founder of Western Sydney Ad School: “In keeping with the schools mission to promote talent from the west of Sydney our Grad program is only open to students who have completed communication/marketing courses at Western Sydney Uni, Western Sydney Ad School, UTS and TAFE.

“Kirsty Muddle came up with the idea of a different sort of grad program and we were on board immediately.

“Kirsty’s always been a constant supporter of our school and promoter of the immense talent from the area.”

C&P, OMD, FINCH and the ABC are all highly aware of the need for more diversity in their businesses and see the program, along with other initiatives they have in place, as another practical way of achieving this.

Says Ranallo: “We hope more businesses will get on board for next year’s intake.
Applications are open until December 22.”

Says Matt Smith, co-founder, Western Sydney Ad School: “This is such a great career opportunity for a young creative looking for their break into the industry… I wish I could do it. There’s so much creative talent out west we just want to give them every opportunity to get a foot in the door.”

To apply go to www.gradwest.com

Or enrol in the creative course www.westernsydneyadschool.com.au