WE LOVE JAM fills the space of The Museum of Contemporary Art Australia 

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WE LOVE JAM fills the space of The Museum of Contemporary Art Australia 

Capturing Cornelia Parker’s transformation of everyday objects into unexpected haunting scenarios was the underpinning thought for creating a soundtrack that would entice, capture and create interest in this incredible and mesmerising exhibition.


As part of the 2020 Sydney International Art Series, The Museum of Contemporary Art Australia presents; Cornelia Parker.

Close friends with the MCA, We Love Jam Studios was tasked with composing a rich evocative soundtrack that draws from the hands-on textural approach of Cornelia Parker. In the artist’s hands, domestic and familiar items are exploded, shot, turned back to front, and rearranged in often surprising ways.

This distinctive piece, composed by Hylton Mowday, music director at WLJS was designed to work across a number of mediums including a digital, website, social as well as radio and podcast.

The sounds prepared and used for the composition are, like Cornelia Parker’s art, re-sampled and treated ordinary acoustic instruments. Added distortion, reversed samples and even the hum of an old 1950’s radio transformer can be heard.

Additionally, We Love Jam Studios, recorded and edited the Cornelia Parker Audio Tour which is part of the exhibition. Parker intimately describes and reveals her thoughts and ideas behind each piece. The Audio Tour works in conjunction with an image recognition system that allows the audience to join the tour at any point.

To access the tour on your mobile visit: mca.art

“Cornelia Parker”, is a must see at The Museum of Contemporary Art, Australia Showing until Feb 2020


Check out the exhibition trailer below: