Wandering dairy cows wearing codes star in new campaign for Uber Eats and Messina via Special


To celebrate Messina moving its delivery exclusively to Uber Eats, the technology company has launched a social-first, promotional campaign via Special, encouraging Australians to watch a herd of wandering dairy cows wearing jackets with hidden codes.


Titled ‘Cow Codes’ the campaign stars dairy cows wearing agriculturally approved jackets which feature individual promo codes that unlock up to $350,000 worth of Messina prizes available on Uber Eats. Revealed during an Instagram live on December 8, the dairy cows were seen wandering into the frame to reveal unique discount codes, which users entered into the Uber Eats app to receive a variety of prizes including 10-50% off as well as discounts, free tub upgrades and a year’s supply of Messina. There are 22 Messina virtual storefronts visible on Uber Eats, with locations in Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra & Brisbane.

The campaign aims to highlight Messina’s exclusivity on the Uber Eats platform as well as showcasing Messina’s fresh and natural approach to gelato, by introducing a series of exclusive promo codes just as naturally, using dairy cows as they make their way to the milking shed. Cow Codes will run across social, digital out of home, and on Uber Eats’ owned channels.

Says David Griffiths, head of marketing delivery ANZ, Uber Eats: “We’re incredibly proud to welcome Aussie favourite Messina onto the platform as an exclusive partner. The idea came after a tour of the Messina factory where they took us through the process – giving us a behind the scenes glimpse as to what makes their gelato adored by so many Aussies. Cow Codes was a fun and creative way for our brands to link together and showcase the magic that can happen when a partner joins Uber Eats exclusively.”

Says Tom Martin, co-CCO, Special: “We really wanted to show the fresh and natural approach to Messina’s gelato by introducing promo codes equally as natural, and what is more natural than the dairy cows themselves? By live-streaming a herd of Jersey Cows wearing promo codes for viewers to spot, we hope more Aussies will understand the extent of craft and fresh ingredients that go into Messina’s gelato.”

Wandering dairy cows wearing codes star in new campaign for Uber Eats and Messina via Special Wandering dairy cows wearing codes star in new campaign for Uber Eats and Messina via Special

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