WA agency Marketforce turns Curtin University’s campus into world first Facebook Live game

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Curtin_PacMan_BLOG.jpgMarketforce has made Curtin University the first brand in the world to use Facebook Live as a platform to create an interactive post in the form of a live game.

Curtin University is dedicated to innovation and this game showcases the kind of innovative thinking that Curtin graduates are known for.

The game works by using Facebook reactions as controller buttons for the game.

Pressing the “ha-ha” reaction will cause the character to move up, the “wow” reaction causes him to move down and so on.

The Facebook Live mechanic means that every user gets to play the game together at once, in real time. This means that everyone is controlling the character so the community is encouraged to work together to help our hero avoid the ghosts.

The comments section of the post is the perfect way for players to engage with one another, discuss strategy and work together.

You can play the game by going to Curtin’s Facebook page

Agency: Marketforce

Digital Lead Creative: Chris Andrawes

Digital Lead Tech: Ben Derham

Creative Directors: Pat Lennox, Ben Green

Account Service: Brendon Lewis, Johanna Gibb

Curtin University: Ty Hayes, Kate Jennings, Emily Lloyd