VoxComm, the new global voice for agencies, plans to champion the value of creativity

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VoxComm, the new global voice for agencies, plans to champion the value of creativity

VoxComm, the new global voice for agencies, is launching with a manifesto to champion the value that the creative agency sector delivers to clients.


The trade body, which counts 36 national trade associations from around the globe as members, is headed by the newly-appointed president Tamara Daltroff, the director general, EACA, Europe.

VoxComm’s board members are Marla Kaplowitz President & CEO, of US body 4A’s; Mario D’Andrea, President of Brazil’s ABAP; Paul Bainsfair, Director General of the UK’s IPA; Tony Hale, CEO of Advertising Council Australia (ACA); and Scott Knox, President and CEO of the ICA in Canada.

Says Tamara Daltroff, president of VoxComm: “We believe that agencies and the commercial creativity they deliver are turbo boosters for growth. Businesses that are looking for top-line growth neglect the creative multiplier at their peril, and agency experience of working across categories gives them a clear, objective view on the future and the big picture and can identify new business opportunities for their clients.”

Says Tony Hale, CEO, ACA: “It’s about time that the creative agency sector had a global voice, to stand alongside the World Federation of Advertisers (WFA).

“Globally, creative agencies share many challenges, issues and opportunities. In particular, creative agencies everywhere have a common goal to foster the long-term prosperity of our industry and to elevate advertising as a profession. VoxComm’s goal to demonstrate that creative agencies and the commercial creativity they deliver remain a powerful and proven lever for growth aligns exactly with ACA’s mission to shape a new era for the Australian advertising industry and strengthen the value of our profession to the wider business community.”

VoxComm’s drive to fuel business growth, alongside its belief that there are better ways for businesses to communicate to audiences, is detailed on its new website: https://voxcomm.org.

This outlines VoxComm’s mission to “stand for the power of commercial creativity in all its forms – across strategy, ideas, content and media – as a proven lever for growth that businesses neglect at their peril.”

The VoxComm manifesto outlines clearly the indispensability of the global agency sector in driving the understanding of creativity at the heart of the application of data and new technologies; partnerships and new models; better ways of value-based procurement and adherence to best practice standards.