Victorian Government encourages commuters to call out sexual harassment with new campaign via The Shannon Company, MELBOURNE


A new campaign encouraging the community to call out disrespectful and sexist behaviour against women has been launched in Victoria. The content developed by behaviour change specialists, The Shannon Company, is a continuation of the Respect Victoria; Call it Out series, which followed Australia’s first ever Royal Commission into Family Violence.

The latest campaign features a woman on a train being leered at, before a bystander steps in to interrupt and call out the behaviour.

TSC, Managing Director, Ian Forsyth said the campaign provides the community with another practical tool to call out and address disrespectful and sexist behaviour: “The work is based on in-depth behavioural research highlighting that building positive attitudes towards gender equality and the importance of respect, are critical tools in the prevention of family violence.

“Commuters show their distain and discomfort towards the man’s behaviour, and also grapple with the erroneous thought that maybe the behaviour is ‘none of our business’, before stepping in.”

“This is a true behaviour change campaign demonstrating how a relatively small action by an observant bystander can make a real difference and send an unambiguous message that sexual harassment is never OK.”

Agency: The Shannon Company
Creative: Alex Wadelton and Kim Hellier
Production: Commoner
Director: Thomas Hyland