Vaseline launches new #SluggingwithVaseline brand advocacy campaign via FORWARD

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Vaseline launches new #SluggingwithVaseline brand advocacy campaign via FORWARD

Public relations agency FORWARD has been appointed by Unilever Australia to launch Vaseline’s largest-ever influencer marketing campaign inspired by the viral ‘slugging’ trend, inviting Aussies to try it for themselves.


Slugging is the viral skincare practice of applying a thin layer of a Vaseline Petroleum Jelly or an alternative occlusive to the skin after cleansing and moisturising as part of an evening skincare routine and leaving it on overnight to lock in moisture and restore dull, dry skin.

Capitalising on the trending skincare technique ‘slugging’, the #SluggingwithVaseline campaign demonstrates how Vaseline Petroleum Jelly is the must-have skincare product for slugging.

With a diverse cohort of over thirty content creators, the campaign is also Unilever’s largest scale influencer campaign in the Beauty & Wellbeing portfolio.

Says John McKeon, head of personal care and beauty and wellbeing, Unilever: “Vaseline has been a bit of a quiet achiever over the past 150 years, but that all changed recently thanks to the power of consumer advocacy and social media. From a TikTok viral trend that started in the pandemic, social influencers worldwide have helped breathe new life into the brand and introduced it to a whole new generation.

“This new Vaseline campaign is Unilever Australia’s largest brand advocacy effort in the beauty space, showcasing the impact advocacy can have in shaping consumer preferences, behaviour, and sales. We are excited to invite all Australians to try slugging – and to be working with so many of the country’s top creators to show us how!”

FORWARD partnered with communications agency PHD Media to launch with a TikTok Top View and boost influencer content throughout the campaign.

Says Fergus Kibble, founder and managing director of FORWARD: “The campaign highlights the benefits of using Vaseline as a skin care product but also has some fun by inviting a diverse variety of content creators of all genders and backgrounds to educate Australia on slugging and build on the spirit of the original viral trend.”

Video content for the Slugging campaign can be found here:






The Vaseline Slugging campaign will run throughout August and September 2023.

John McKeon – Head of Personal Care and Beauty & Wellbeing ANZ
Jessica Hume – Marketing Manager, Skin Care and Health & Wellbeing ANZ
Maria Gudino – Digital & Data Manager ANZ
Alisha Thornley – Content Lead ANZ

Fergus Kibble – Founder & Managing Director
Eleni Gavalas – Group Account Director
Lucy Saarelaht – Senior Account Director
Laura Murphy – Account Manager
Isabella Worsley – Senior Account Executive
Nadene Budden – Senior Account Executive

PHD Media
Ali Jones – Group Business Director
Punesh Han – Business Director
Emma Wood – Co-Head Of Investment (Sydney)
Josh Hover – Group Digital Director
Christine Chen – Investment Director
Courtney O’Hara – Digital Manager
Eddie Clebsch-Garcia – Investment Manager
Petronio Borges – Account Coordinator