Vale Juliana ‘Julz’ Bacmaga ~ Obituary and Memorial to take place in September

Vale Juliana ‘Julz’ Bacmaga ~ Obituary and Memorial to take place in September

Talented designer Juliana ‘Julz’ Bacmaga suffered a brain aneurysm on Tuesday 15 June at her workplace, Innocean Australia. She succumbed to the brain injury on Friday 25 June. She was just 48 when she passed away.


Due to COVID restrictions in Sydney, Juliana’s cremation will take place on 9 July with only her partner Brett Thurston and close friends.

Juliana worked in the advertising industry for more than 25 years as a designer, from her first job at John Singleton Advertising, to Whybin TBWA, to Studio Manager at The Campaign Palace, to Innocean where she has worked for the past eight years.

Juliana touched the lives of many people during her career, so to celebrate her life a memorial open to friends, family and colleagues past and present will be held at The Old Fitzroy pub at 129 Dowling Street, Woolloomooloo in September. More details can be found here.

Several industry executives have paid tribute to Julz:

Warrick Nicholson, production director at Innocean said: “You often forge really solid friendships with your colleagues in adland’s production departments – working cheek by jowl, usually under pressure for long hours. It’s where true character is often exposed.

“And spending that time with the ‘good ones’ can make those conditions enjoyable and bearable. I think I can speak on behalf of all my current and past Innocean colleagues in saying that Julz was, without any doubt, one of the ‘good ones’.

“She was unfailingly calm, fast and accurate under pressure, so skilled at her craft and never losing her head whilst those around her were losing theirs. She’d brush away any of the ‘panicked’ in her matronly, firm Croation way, and just get stuck in. She saved the day. Daily. Happily and humbly making all of those who briefed her look bloody good.

“Equally as engaged and chatty to all she met at her Mac as she was to those at the bar on a Friday night for her treasured Sauv Blanc, she was always a shoe-in at the end of year staff awards. We truly loved every minute spent with you Julz and will see you ‘up there’, no doubt you’ll be at the bar, shooting the shit with Anthony Bourdain, closely perusing the fine dining menu with Pixies blaring – and a pack of loveable lost dogs at your feet.”

Rozanna Bigeni, creative producer at Wellcom said: “Julz and I met almost 25 years ago, when I was seated next to her in a pod overlooking Darling Harbour at Singleton Ogilvy & Mather – on my very first day of work. I immediately thought she was the coolest chick ever, with her brown platform boots, denim flares, 70s shirt and brown suede jacket.

“We instantly became good friends and for the next seven years were inseparable. Life was one big party for us. We shared clothes, we shared our lunch and most of all we shared the good times. Even after we both left our jobs we remained close and never missed a beat.

“Julz was always very social and loved to go out but our favourite pastime was just hanging out sharing a bottle or three of wine and a packet of cigarettes together, while listening to music all night long. Give us a balcony, beer garden or backyard and we were happy. Music was a huge part of our lives and we would often see bands together, with her love of 90s music. She will forever be remembered by me every time I hear a Jebediah song or ‘Here Comes Your Man’ by the Pixies.

“Here’s to you my beautiful friend, my bestie, my sister. I hope it’s one big party on the other side with an endless supply of Sauvignon Blanc and little puppies everywhere. A bottle of wine on my back deck in the Blue Mountains will never ever be the same without you there. Miss you forever, forever and ever.”

The Campaign Palace: “Julz was the kindest person you could ever meet. And we were lucky to have her as family at The Campaign Palace. Throughout the years she was always there to have a drink, a dance, and laugh – a lot. Her infectious giggle and generosity will never be forgotten. We will miss her and will remember her forever.”

From your family at The Campaign Palace – John, Helen, Reed, Clare, Bruce, Toby, Gerhard, Hywel, Kelly, Lisa, Sarah-Leith, Neil, Karl, Gemma, Emma, Asheen, Alan, Meri, Amy, Shane, Jodie, Charmaine, Susan.