US rapper Latto ‘Talks Snack’ with Menulog in new social series via Thinkerbell


Australian-born on-demand delivery platform Menulog has today launched a brand new social series with US rapper Latto titled ‘Talking Snack with Latto’ created by Thinkerbell.


The social series was shot when Latto was in Australia for the first time ever, shortly after Menulog introduced the next chapter of the ‘Did Somebody Say’ brand platform starring rising hip hop star Latto and pop icon Christina Aguilera.

Says Sesh Moodley, executive creative tinker, Thinkerbell: “Latto is infamous for her potty mouth and isn’t afraid to talk smack about her rivals so it made perfect sense to get her in the studio to talk smack about our beloved Aussie delicacies. She brought that BIG Energy she’s known for, so we had to cut most of the footage out – but we got enough to work with to make three episodes of top-tier social content.”

Comprised of three episodes, the content highlights how Menulog delivers the best snacks whilst tapping into rising TikTok trends.

The three episodes being shared across social include:

  • • ‘Matchy Matchy’ (Ep 1): Aussies have ridiculous names for their weird-arse foods! Latto tries an array of Aussie snacks with unusual names, one by one, and then Menulog asks her to guess the right name of the snack.
  • • ‘Swearin In’ (Ep 2): As Latto eats an array of Aussie snacks, she picks up cue cards that outline a very normal Aussie swear word in a sentence that reacts to the food. If she gets it right, that’s a bingo!
  • • ‘Assembly Required’ (Ep 3): In the final episode, Menulog provides Latto with deconstructed Aussie foods and has her try to work out how to assemble them before eating (and try to see what the heck is going on).

Says Fiona Bateman, head of brand and media, Menulog: “This campaign with Latto is part of our journey to continue to ingrain ‘Did Somebody Say’ into Aussie culture. Menulog has recently moved beyond takeaway from restaurants and is now delivering from all kinds of stores, with snack food and treats being the most ordered items. Getting Latto to try some of Australia’s best loved snacks for us, in her hotel on the Goldie, felt like a really fun way to land this new offering as well as giving Australia an insight into our rap superstar’s hilarious and incredibly engaging personality.”•

US rapper Latto ‘Talks Snack’ with Menulog in new social series via Thinkerbell

Client: Menulog Australia
Creative: Thinkerbell

Production: The Producers
Director: Amber Mealing
Talent Management: Talent Republic