Unlisted’s Yves Geleyn directs new animated spot for GOGO-NO-KOCHA via Hakuhodo and AOI Pro

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Unlisted’s Yves Geleyn directs new animated spot for GOGO-NO-KOCHA via Hakuhodo and AOI Pro

Unlisted and animation director Yves Geleyn, in collaboration with Hakuhodo and AOI Pro tell the sweet story of a young girl determined to carry on her family’s legacy in this new spot for GOGO-NO-KOCHA.


Known for his intricate and thoughtful character design and a fairytale sensibility, Geleyn weaves together lavish environment design, a classic animation aesthetic and his masterful storytelling to create a spot both heartfelt and elegant.

According to Geleyn, this campaign had everything: “It was a dream project in terms of creating a more classical animation style; having a worldwide animation team delivering across time zones—from South Korea and Canada, to France and New York; and having respectful clients who really loved the art and got excited about seeing what we were producing. Everything was really fun and there was a lot of positive energy in it.”

Says Graham Pryor, executive producer, Unlisted Melbourne: “Yves’ commitment to thoughtfully told and beautifully executed stories always ensures a great outcome and the result is work that resonates in a simple yet meaningful way.”


Director Yves Geleyn
Managing Director Hana Shimizu
Head of Production Karen Lawler
Head of Creative Development Kristin Labriola
Executive Producer Anne Skopas, Hana Shimizu
Production Supervisor Dez Stavracos
Associate Producer Nico Benenati
Senior Editor Anita Chao
Editor Sam Stulin
Assistant Editor Hyeseung Kim, Minseok Kim
Edit Intern Clenine Anicet
Production Coordinator Judy Tam

Pre Production
Storyboard Artist Steph Dere, Sami Healy
Character Designer Margaux Zinsner
2D Prep Sami Healy, Kaycee Nwakudu
Environment Designer Benjamin Plouff, Camille Süle

Animator Sami Healy, Kaycee Nwakudu, Maxime Joiniot, Aleksandra Krechman, Casey McDonald, Camille Vincent, Sandy Lakhar
Cleanup Animator Sara Litzenberger, Ty Enos, Hyo Bin Kang, Ciara Bresnahan, Hazel Zheng, Matt Corsillo, Rory Cummings-Dise, Andres Padilla
Lead Compositor John Mattiuzzi
Additional Compositing Matthew DeFranco

EP: Graham Pryor
Head of Production: Steve Bradshaw
Producers: Megan Plane, Steph Wu

AOI Pro.
Producer: Shu Nagasawa
Producer: Masahiro Kawaguchi
Production Coordinator: Wataru Ode
Production Coordinator: Kanako Sato

Hakuhodo (Agency)
Creative Director: Yasutaka Ide
Creative Director: Shin Nagashima
Planner: Tetsuji Kuramitsu
Copy Writer: Kenji Saito
Copy Writer: Yukiko Kumazaki
Copy Writer: Chisato Nishino
Art Director: Reki Hashimoto
Account Executive: Masahiro Kawamata
Account Executive: Kazunari Hasumi
Account Executive: Hirokazu Fujita
Account Executive: Dai Matsui
Sound: Antfood
Executive Creative Director: Wilson Brown
Executive Producer: Sue Lee
Producer: Kat Hom
Sound Designer/Mix Engineer: Yuta Endo