UnitingSA launches new campaign for its Winter Homeless Appeal via Black Sheep Advertising

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Black Sheep Advertising is tackling homelessness head on with its latest campaign for UnitingSA’s annual Winter Appeal.


Homelessness in South Australia is growing at an alarming rate. The increased cost of living, housing crisis and rising interest rates have all contributed to what is now an endemic for South Australians, with more and more relying on UnitingSA’s Emergency Relief Services to make it through the colder months.

The Winter Appeal is designed to raise awareness with stakeholders and the community, while acting as an advocacy piece for those South Australians who are doing it tough.

Says Tom Ootes, director of client services, Black Sheep: “More than 12,000 people call on UnitingSA’s Emergency Relief Services and this number is increasing exponentially every year. What seems like a ‘creeping acceptance’ of the problem is leading to a near resignation of society’s compassion to homelessness.”

UnitingSA launches new campaign for its Winter Homeless Appeal via Black Sheep Advertising

To restore focus, Black Sheep has reframed the problem to convey hope and positivity rather than despair. By taking the well-known trope of ‘home sweet home’, Black Sheep adapts the narrative to reflect the theme of the appeal, ensuring it’s communicated in a positive and hopeful way.

Says David Ormston, co-creative director, Black Sheep: “Home is where our life is defined; every day, of every week, of every year we exist. Just because you’re without a home, doesn’t mean you should be without hope.”

Adds Michael Gagliardi, co-creative director, Black Sheep: “The power of the concept is that it is based on a real scenario – and probably one of many being played out in South Australia at this very moment. We filmed it in a single shot to draw the audience into the reality of the situation and immerse them in a sense of realism.”

Everyone in South Australia deserves the chance to feel hopeful. If you’d like to donate to UnitingSA, please visit https://unitingsa.com.au/donate/

Creative Agency: Black Sheep Advertising
Creative Directors: David Ormston and Michael Gagliardi
Director: Aaron Schuppan
Sound Engineer: Scott Illingworth
Designer: Carly Staszuk
Director of Client Services: Tom Ootes
Account Coordinator: Nathan Seyd