Uber Carshare challenges the traditional notion of a second car in new campaign via Special


Uber drives home just how easily Australians can live the multi-car dream without owning multiple cars in a new campaign for Uber Carshare that positions the brand as ‘Australia’s second car’.


The new brand proposition, via Special, redefines what multi-car ownership means to Australians who have long lapped up the dream of freedom through car ownership. It re-frames Uber Carshare as an alternative to buying a second (or third or fourth) vehicle, with users easily able to rent a car by the hour, day, week or longer when they need an extra or different pair of wheels.

Hero assets include 30- and 15-second films where a confident woman introduces us to her first car – and her numerous second cars thanks to Uber Carshare. We follow her through a range of scenarios, from moving furniture with an SUV and taking an open topped sports car for a spin along a windswept coast, to ordering at the drive through and doing family airport runs – even introducing her second husband, in her second car at her second wedding. Creative spans BVOD, OLV, digital, CRM, OOH, radio and social.

Says David Griffiths, Head of Marketing, Uber ANZ: “Australia has one of the highest rates of private car ownership globally, with more than half of Australian households owning more than one car. We know that a lot of these second cars are bought for a particular use case and sat idle for the rest of the time, so with this launch we wanted to show how Uber Carshare is the ideal solution for those second car needs. We’re excited to bring this new campaign to a more mainstream audience and showcase car sharing with the Uber convenience Aussies know and love.”

Adds James Sexon, Uber APAC Creative Director, Special: “Like 92% of Australians, I’m a proud car-owner. But not too proud to acknowledge its shortcomings. So the idea of being able to access thousands of second cars that can do all the things my car can’t, just makes sense.”


Uber Carshare challenges the traditional notion of a second car in new campaign via Special Uber Carshare challenges the traditional notion of a second car in new campaign via Special Uber Carshare challenges the traditional notion of a second car in new campaign via Special

Director of Marketing, APAC: Andy Morley
Head of Marketing, ANZ: David Griffiths
Chief Growth Officer, Uber Carshare: Mathieu Maire
Mobility Marketing, ANZ: Marine Blanchetier
Head of Marketing, Carshare: Kacy Ratta
Marketing Campaign Lead: Sarah Louie
Creative Director, APAC: Adam Ledbury
Media Lead, APAC: Louisa Chu

Partners/CEO: Lindsey Evans & Cade Heyde
Partners/CCO: Julian Schreiber & Tom Martin
Uber APAC Creative Directors: James Sexton & Sarah Parris
Creatives: Jack Wall & Phillip Harkness
Creatives: Derek Anderson & Jonty Bell
Managing Director: Lauren Portelli
Team Leads: Laura Little & Rebecca Grant
Business Director: Ed Nash
Business Manager: Genevieve Bowes
Head of Strategy: Celia Garforth
Senior Strategist: Phoebe Fielding
Head of Film Production: Sevda Cemo
Senior Producer: Alyce Guy
Head of Stills: Nick Lilley
Stills Producer: Emily Willis
Digital Producer: Stacey Szabo
Head of Design: Adam Shear
Designer: Maria Ancines
Finished Art: John Rivera
Creative Services Manager: Kristie Dagg

Director: Yianni Warnock
Executive Producer: Llew Griffiths
Producer: Linzee Rose
DOP: Campbell Brown

Post Producer: Adrian Konarski
Offline Editor: Mark Burnett
Grade: Ben Eagleton
Online: Stu Cadzow

Sound Designer: Tone Ashton

Retoucher: Nick Mueller

Client & Planning Lead: Nathaniel Thompson
Group Strategy Director: Marine Turner
Marketplace Director: Patrick Fakiye
Digital Director: Matt Leah