Two Mad Cowboys rebrands as The Cowboys with enhanced focus on go-to-market communications

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Two Mad Cowboys rebrands as The Cowboys with enhanced focus on go-to-market communications

Two Mad Cowboys, founded in 2015 has announced its rebranding to The Cowboys and its strategic shift towards specialising in go-to-market creative communications.


With iconic kitchen appliance brand Breville as its foundation client, the agency has spearheaded over 20 global product launches and executed multi-category repositioning and communications in over 70 countries worldwide.

Matt Sterne, creative partner at Cowboys, reflects on the agency’s journey, highlighting: “It’s been an incredible journey for us. We’ve witnessed a natural shift as our capabilities have grown, and our expertise in effective product marketing has deepened. This evolution led us to develop specific methodologies which are focused and tailored to drive product adoption and growth for our clients.”

The Cowboys’ strategic repositioning includes the introduction of three new core services: Advantage Amplifier, Unforgettable Impressions, and Launch IQ.

Says Jarrad Collings, creative partner, The Cowboys: “Our objective was to simplify and uncomplicate the creation of highly effective go-to-market campaigns. Our refined methodologies reflect the learnings and the success we have had with our clients on effectively finding clearwater differentiation in crowded markets. It represents a tested, effective, and repeatable approach for a true advantage and this has resulted in record sales and products selling out.”

Adds Sterne: “Through our extensive experience across diverse industries including finance, food and beverage, kitchen appliances, health tech and the crypto sector, we have gained invaluable insights that have shaped the agency’s new offering and approach and we’re excited to introduce this reinvention to market.”