Tourism Australia launches ‘Welcome to My Country’ film during NAIDOC Week

Tourism Australia launches ‘Welcome to My Country’ film during NAIDOC Week

Tourism Australia has proudly released its latest film that touches the heart and spirit of the world’s oldest living culture. Our Indigenous custodians.


More than a film, it is a personal welcome to step onto country, meet its ancestors and become part of their family and their dreaming.

Award-winning director Malinda Rutter, partnered with international creative director Jeremy Perrott, to produce a rich, cinematic work that centres on empathy, insight and connection to Elders and community.


Malinda is an Australian award-winning director and published author. A proud Bundjalung, Gidhabal and Galibal woman, Malinda is a celebrated Indigenous storyteller who led this campaign with personal connection.

By engaging with respected Elders in their country and by choosing their voices to guide us, for the first time we are welcomed to their country to meet their ancestors.

Guiding this film with personal insight on culture and local history is what makes this Tourism Australia film unique.

Through forests, rivers, deserts, ocean and all that grow and inhabit it. Taking an elder’s hand, you experience life in their footsteps and understand the innate connection we all have with country.

An intimacy through culture and connection to its custodians allows this film and its message to be compelling and engaging, informing, authentic, and welcoming the Australian public and introducing an outlook to a global audience. Allowing for a new pathway to meet together.

A series of extensions from the film expands the stories of the elders to give us more insight, guide our understanding and open us to the incredible culture of this great expanse we all call home.

The creative concept of this film is the result of two awarded creatives who knew and understood that this film had to be felt and remembered, not just viewed.

‘Welcome to My Country’ is a true education on and engagement with spirit and culture that leaves you wanting to know more.”

Jeremy Perrott Creative Director
Malinda Rutter Director
Rodrigo Vidal Dawson Executive Producer
Matt Priestley Cultural Custodian
Antoinette Dyce Account Manger
Didi de Graaf Production Assistant
Vanessa Agu Production Assistant

Tracey Vince Production Manager
Michael Steel Director of Photography
Freddy Stratton AC
Grace Yeshe Holt On-set Production Assistant
Martin cox Sound
Tim Moriarty Drone

Mik Gojic Head of Tech
Alan Hesline Senior Editor
Mukul Kandara Editor
Mark Tanner Sound Designer
Luke Agius Sound Post
Luciano Marigo-Spitaleri, CSI Colourist

Maddison Rutter-Malley Lead Designer
Bill Nelson Designer