Tokenistic ‘femvertising’ has to go says Bec Brideson, author of new book ‘Blind Spots’

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Screen Shot 2017-09-19 at 11.35.20 am.jpgBec Brideson, author and gender intelligence pioneer has launched her new book Blind Spots: How to Uncover and Attract the Fastest Emerging Economy.

Are you ready for the next global economic disruption? Women offer a lucrative $28 trillion-dollar market, yet they’re underserved, neglected and ignored, despite the fact they drive the majority of our purchases and routinely make or break brands by voting with their wallets. Tokenistic ‘femvertising’ and homogenous thinking is no longer cutting it.

Blind Spots (Wiley $27.95), explores the female economy and outlays the definitive methodology and business transformation required to acquire and retain the new lucrative female consumer. Written by Brideson, she draws upon over 25 years in advertising to provide a ground-breaking framework for future-focused businesses who are done debating gender, and are ready for profit and action.

Readers learn how to:

  • Single out a competitive advantage in a volatile, slow-growth market
  • Bridge the gap between gender nuance and commercial gain
  • Leverage authentic insights into a long-term, loyal relationship

Filled with case studies across various industries, practical tools and a lavish design, Blind Spots shows how to tap into the modern female market and reap the financial benefits before your competitors do.

Screen Shot 2017-09-19 at 11.35.39 am.jpgFor over two decades, Brideson (left) has been a pioneer and innovator in the marketing-to-women space, showing businesses how to capture their share of the $28 trillion global, female consumer market. With 25 years in the communications industry, Brideson was one of the 3% of female creative directors in the advertising industry. In her time, Brideson has won international awards and gained notable recognition for her work across most categories and numerous major brands. She joined the 0.1% of female founders to open her own agency, Venus Comms, in 2004, and grew it into a ground-breaking and successful independent agency, developing unique IP to create better ROI with women. Brideson is now sharing this methodology in Blind Spots, and consults with businesses who have seen the opportunity of the female dollar and want to leverage its impact on their bottom line.