Tim & Joe join Revolver / Will O’Rourke

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Tim & Joe join Revolver / Will O’Rourke

Directors Tim & Joe have joined Revolver/ Will O’Rourke’s roster for representation in Australasia.


The team started out making music videos for the likes of Riva Starr and Duke Dumont. In the commercial world they’ve been awarded Gold, Silver and Bronze Cannes Lions for their Expedia & Visit Britain Interactive film, before going on to make 80 (yep, 80!) ads in one month for Argos.

Of joining Revolver Tim & Joe say: “Not to peddle in tired stereotypes, but we’re at Revolver for the tea…” Tim being extra excited because he now resides in Sydney.

View their reel here – http://revolver.ws/directors/tim-joe/.

For inquiries please contact pip@revolver.ws or michael@revolver.ws.