Tickets now on sale for Adelaide Advertising and Design Club’s inaugural ‘AADC Annual Talks’

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Tickets now on sale for Adelaide Advertising and Design Club’s inaugural ‘AADC Annual Talks’

Discover how long it takes a brand to fall out of the sky at the Adelaide Advertising and Design Club’s inaugural conference this month.


Says Dr Nicole Hartnett, senior marketing scientist at UniSA’s Ehrenberg-Bass Institute: “Ads are considered the engines that keep big business and big brands flying. Everyone wants to know, ‘will my brand fall out of the sky if I stop advertising?’”

Hartnett’s research has recently discovered what happens when big brands ‘go dark’ and she has promised “to reveal all” when she speaks at the Adelaide Advertising and Design Club’s (AADC) Annual Talks on September 29 this year.

The AADC Annual Talks will bring together 12 local and interstate experts on aspects of branding and marketing that will reveal how you can build a bigger brand, through to ensuring your workplace doesn’t suffer from groupthink.

AADC co-president Joe Godsell, managing director of TBWA Adelaide says the conference is all about making the world of marketing in Adelaide and South Australia a little bigger and more connected: “SA has the potential to be a world class marketing city. This conference is meant to connect people in marketing, advertising, design, and branding with each other and with great thinkers and leaders from around the country.”

The AADC Annual Talks will take place across four locations on the 29th September with the idea that attendees can stroll between locations and engage with each other as they walk between events. Locations include Adelaide Oval, Adelaide Zoo, Palace Nova Cinemas and Chateau Apollo in Adelaide’s East End.

There are four events scheduled for the day with speakers including Sam MacLeod, general manager of brand, digital, and design for Coles and Faycal ben Abdellaziz, head of brand for NAB flying into Adelaide to make AADC Annual Talks a national conversation.

The AADC Annual Talks are supported by the Australian Marketing Institute, and the Certified Practising Marketer (CPM) Professional Maintenance Program. Every talk is CPM accredited, and will earn attendees eight points of professional development as part the Professional Maintenance Program.


Talk 01
Making Your Brand Bigger
How to build and maintain brands, and the power of long-term branding.

8:30am to 10:30am
John Halbert Room, Adelaide Oval

— Sam McLeod, General Manager: Brand, Digital & Design for Coles
— Greg Knagge & Nick Brz, CEO & Creative Director for NATION
— Louise Eyres, Head of Marketing for Vanguard
— Dr Nicole Hartnett, Senior Marketing Scientist for Ehrenberg Bass

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Talk 02
Thinking Like a Leader
How to be a leader without officially being one.

11:00am to 12:30pm
Sir Thomas Elder Rotunda,
Adelaide Zoo

— Bev Bury, Director of Marketing
Operations for University of Adelaide
— Kimberlee Wells, CEO of TBWA\Adelaide & Melbourne

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Talk 03
Thinking About the Bigger Picture
How to safeguard your vision and not let perfection get in the way of progress.

1pm to 2:15pm
Palace Nova, Eastend Cinema

— Chris Illman, Head of Marketing and Sales for Bickfords Group
— Ben Stainlay, Creative Director of Windsorborn

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Talk 04
Making Creative More Inclusive
How to accurately represent society in your communications and why you should.

2:30pm to 4pm
Chateau Apollo,
74 Frome Street

— Faycal ben Abdellaziz, Head of Brand for NAB
— Mandie van der Merwe & Avish Gordhan, Executive Creative Directors for Dentsu Creative

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Tickets now on sale for Adelaide Advertising and Design Club’s inaugural ‘AADC Annual Talks’ Tickets now on sale for Adelaide Advertising and Design Club’s inaugural ‘AADC Annual Talks’