Three Drunk Monkeys to launch :30 Seconds campaign, breaking 22 August


Sumo_30s.jpgPicture 400.pngPicture 404.pngThree Drunk Monkeys, Sydney is promoting the premiere of its advertising-inspired comedy-drama, :30 Seconds, with a multi-layered campaign, breaking on 22 August.

:30 Seconds, the highly anticipated six-part series created and written by Three Drunk Monkeys executive creative directors Justin Drape and Scott Nowell and Prodigy Films director Tim Bullock, will premiere on The Comedy Channel on Monday 7 September at 8.30pm. The series – which has the odd mention of Campaign Brief and the annual CB Agency Creativity/Billings Index (AKA the Hot+Cold Chart) was produced by Andrew Denton’s production company, Zapruder’s Other Films, exclusively for Foxtel.

The campaign consists of online, print and outdoor executions, as well as 90-second, 60-second and 30-second TV spots, which will air online and on Foxtel. The spots are “vox pop” style clips starring some of the show’s cast in character, showing viewers what to expect from :30 Seconds.

An 18-minute Behind the Scenes video, featuring interviews with the cast, writers, director and executive director Andrew Denton, will air on Foxtel and online.

Barbara_30s.jpgMcBaney_30s.jpgPicture 401.pngTaking their cue from the scenarios portrayed in the series, the printand outdoor executions feature humorous but realistic lines such as”Launching an ad campaign is like playing darts blindfolded. And eachdart costs around 500 grand” (spoken by the client) and “Yes, we used a14-year-old girl in a cosmetics ad. But she can use the money foreducation” (the copywriter).

Executive director Andrew Denton said: “A series of ads about anadvertising agency created by the advertising agency that created theadvertising agency the ads are about? This time, the Three DrunkMonkeys have gone too far…”

TVCs: Written & directed by Justin Drape, Scott Nowell

PRODUCTION: Theirry Bled, Graeme Robertson, Thea Carone, Ben Gregg and Trent Beattie (Milko)


Theirry Bled, Graeme Robertson, Matt Heck, Thea Carone, Ben Gregg and Trent Beattie (Milko); Daniam de Boos-Smith (Sound Planet Sydney); Simon Kane (SongZu); James Hackett (Hackett Films)


CREATIVE: Justin Drape, Scott Nowell, Noah Regan, Matt Heck, Damian Fitzgerald, Stephen Justice, Michael Hughes


PRODUCTION: Tom Harrison

CONTENT MANAGEMENT: Mark Green, Leigh Morrison, Daniel Deutsch

CLIENTS: THE COMEDY CHANNEL – Anthony Warrington, Alex Ristevski, Sarah Minogue