Thinkerbell’s Adam Ferrier releases latest book ‘Stop Listening to The Customer’ – pre-order now

Thinkerbell’s Adam Ferrier releases latest book ‘Stop Listening to The Customer’ – pre-order now

Are you customer obsessed?
Do you spend more time thinking about your consumer than your brand?
Do you use research as a drunk uses a lamp-post – (for support rather than illumination)? (Thanks, David Ogilvy, for that one!)
Do you have anything to do with the commissioning of or implementation of Human Centred Design?


If you answered yes to any of those questions, then you may want to read Adam Ferrier’s new book: ‘Stop Listening to The Customer: Try Hearing your Brand Instead’. Published by Wiley, released February 2020.

Says Adam Ferrier: “The book looks at our current obsession with measuring everything we possibly can about the customer and then drowning in our own data lakes.

“Businesses and brands are getting it wrong by pivoting everything they do around what they think their customer wants. The book will attempt to explain how this type of thinking risks eliminating value out of the brand, and in-turn creates a more homogenised marketplace.

“Further, if you asked the customer what they wanted, they may actually say – they just want to be left alone! And that’s a really hard insight to build a business model around.”

The solution to customer centric thinking is building a culture that maintains strong brand intelligence – that is, the ability to understand and prioritise what’s best for brand growth.

Adam has reached out to many people within marketing and beyond for inspiration, and thanks them all for their contribution.

These people Include:
Lisa Ronson, CMO at Coles
John Newcombe – Tennis Legend
Adam Alter – Psychologist, Author and Professor at NYU
Mat Baxter – Global CEO of Initiative
Matt Gray – Senior Marketing Manager, Vegemite and Bega
Tina Randello – Chief Commercial Officer, ALPHA-H
Jules Lund – Founder of TRIBE
Brent Smart – CMO of IAG
Wiemer Snijders – The Commercial Works
Lucy Raymond – Senior Editor, Wiley

… and others.

‘Stop Listening to The Customer: Try Hearing your Brand Instead’ is available February 1st 2020, from all good bookstores. You can pre-order a copy here.

If you’d like to come to a nice old-school book launches complete with special guests and wine, then try:

Melbourne: Readings, St Kilda Thursday 13th Feb 6.30pm RSVP:

Sydney: Dymocks, George St, Thursday 27th Feb 6.30pm RSVP: