Thinkerbell is hiring, and Jim’s hungry.

Thinkerbell is hiring, and Jim’s hungry.

Despite the occasional press release they like to send out, what you may not know is that during all this craziness Thinkerbell continues to grow at an exciting rate, and they’re hungry for creative people who want to be part of the ride.


Hello creative community. As you probably know there is a lot of movement happening in the creative agency job world. Offices with a view out your lounge room window, jobs in cool global cities, ‘executive titles’ being handed out like participation certificates at junior football, wild salaries that are too alluring to allow you to think sensibly – it’s all happening – just ask the person sitting next to you.

If you’re wildly creative, a little unsettled where you currently are, and curious about how things work at TKB, come have ‘Lunch With Jim’. Jim [Ingram], national chief creative & founder, has booked an appropriately priced restaurant in Sydney and Melbourne to have lunch with some creative people who are interested in talking about where creativity is heading (that could be a euphemism for a job at Thinkerbell).

However, even if you’re totally happy where you are, you can still join Jim for lunch and try to poach whoever else turns up instead. It’ll be fun.

Sydney – Weds 22nd March @ 12.00pm

Melbourne – Weds 29th March @ 12:00pm

So if you’re interested in coming to ‘Lunch With Jim’ hit up with your full name and phone number, plus something that shows him you deserve a seat at the table.