The Work 2024 Contenders: We Are Social

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Campaign Brief recognises and showcases the great work that is being produced in the region with The Work 2024 Contenders. Here is We Are Social’s Top 3…

Wayside Chapel: Social60
We Are Social
In response to the widespread issue of loneliness, with one in three Australians affected, Wayside Chapel launched Social60, a campaign that seeks to address loneliness by setting a first-of-its-kind daily benchmark of 60 minutes of face-to-face social interaction. Backed by prominent Australian psychologists and neuroscientists, the campaign introduces a concrete, easy-to-remember goal to help people increase their daily social interactions.

The Social60 campaign launched on the UN’s International Day of Happiness, featuring a hero film with TikTok creators and everyday Australians discussing the profound effects of loneliness on their lives, aiming to inspire change and foster a more connected community.

ADIDAS: Billie Jean King
We Are Social
On the eve of the FIFA Women’s World Cup final, tennis icon Billie Jean King arrived to watch the World Cup final. Recognizing the profound significance of her lifelong advocacy for women’s rights and equality in sports, We Are Social seized the golden opportunity for Billie Jean King to pen an open letter to the players, sharing her poignant reflections on the tournament.

Ideated and produced in a blistering 48 hours, the awe-inspiring film extended heartfelt gratitude to the players for kindling inspiration in a new generation of girls and perpetuating the work that Billie Jean King herself initiated five decades ago. Her powerful words and the evocative visuals became a rallying cry for the enduring legacy of women’s sports, and found a global audience through its publication across adidas’ international platforms and gained further prominence on FIFA’s social channels.

Samsung: So I Got A Flip Phone
We Are Social
Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip has redefined what a mobile device can be, merging innovative design with unparalleled portability. Challenging the younger generation’s allegiance to their familiar brands, Samsung introduced ‘So I Got A Flip Phone’, highlighting the Galaxy Z Flip5’s unbeatable features and positioning it as the must-have device for a generation that values creativity and connectivity.

To spearhead the initiative, We Are Social recruited cultural icons like acclaimed actress Sydney Sweeney and musician Sabrina Carpenter, a new generation of individuals who don’t just follow trends but set them, inviting them to share their reasons for embracing the Galaxy Z Flip5 and encouraging others to also “join the flip side”.

The hero ensemble film features global influencers such as Harry Hudson, Linda Ngo, Norma Palafox, and Alessandro Montesi, sharing what they love the most about their Flip5 and inspiring a chain reaction of user-generated content. The campaign even caught the attention of celebrities like Kylie Jenner, boosting the campaign’s visibility and appeal.


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