The Work 2024 Contenders: TRP

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Campaign Brief recognises and showcases the great work that is being produced in the region with The Work 2024 Contenders. Here is TRP’s Top 3…

Samsonite: Seriously Tough
Samsonite, the global leader in luggage and travel accessories, wanted to reinforce their superior quality and incredible strength. ‘Seriously Tough’ features epic demonstrations of Samsonite luggage enduring the most extreme conditions. Because how your luggage fares under stress, is the true test of its travel-worthiness.

CoinSpot: Barbershop
CoinSpot are Australia’s largest Cryptocurrency exchange, with millions of investors. But after a wave of enthusiasm, demand was drying up. Crypto was seen as high risk and complicated. However, with the CoinSpot Mastercard you could now spend your Crypto like cash. So, with the help of Bailey Smith, we surprised would be investors by bringing this product truth to life in a simple, memorable way.

Honda: A Force For Nature
In the lawn and garden category, Honda is famous for their petrol products. With a limited battery range at high price point, they hadn’t kept pace with the shift towards battery powered products. However, Honda’s newest battery range promised to be lean on price and heavy on performance.

Honda’s new battery range isn’t just powerful, it’s a force for nature. This campaign shows Honda’s new battery range as a superpower, letting you control anything in your backyard.


The deadline for Campaign Brief’s The Work 2024 has now closed. If your company entered The Work and would like to showcase your work in our Contenders series please email