The Work 2024 Contenders: The General Store

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Campaign Brief recognises and showcases the great work that is being produced in the region with The Work 2024 Contenders. Here is The General Store’s Top 3…

rebel: Sport is a gift
The General Store
This heart-warming film aligns seamlessly with rebel Australia’s core ethos of ‘the transformative power of sport’ along with its ability to uplift and inspire individuals. It highlights the generosity and spirit of the festive season, along with the importance of love and connection. In the hero film, the boy stumbles upon faded photos of his mother, a hardworking nurse who he discovers was a marathon runner in her former life. Inspired, he seeks to reignite his mum’s passion for sport and reconnects her with a forgotten part of her identity.

Salvos Stores: Gifts that mean more
The General Store
At Salvos Stores, 100 per cent of profits support programs that transform the lives of Australians in need, such as those experiencing hunger and homelessness. And through its support of the circular economy and numerous sustainability initiatives, Salvos has also diverted over 40 million items from landfill in the past year. The campaign signifies a playful step change in Salvos Stores’ brand personality. Within the three hero films, the awkward hugging and tongue-in-cheek dialogue bring to life the impact that a preloved gift has on the environment and community.

Barbeques Galore: Buy a BBQ you’ll actually love
The General Store
We needed customers to understand that not all barbeques are created equal. A cheap, poor quality barbeque will quickly become the scourge of your backyard. As part of a wider campaign, we wanted customers to buy a barbeque they actually love. Set to heartbreak anthem “All By Myself”, our campaign tells the story of a poor deteriorating barbeque watching through a neighbouring fence, as a superior Barbeques Galore product is shown endless love and appreciation by its owners.


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