The Work 2024 Contenders: Heckler Sound

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Campaign Brief recognises and showcases the great work that is being produced in the region with The Work 2024 Contenders. Here is Heckler Sound’s Top 3…

Mastercard: TOUCH
Production Company/Sound Studio: Heckler Sound
Creative Agency: Howatson+Company
Director: Tony Krawitz
TOUCH is a motion picture without pictures; a film brought to life solely through sound, without images or audio descriptions. Made so all audiences can enjoy the magic of cinema together, no matter their level of vision.

Heckler Sound worked with Mastercard and agency Howatson + Company on this mammoth project, assembling a dream team including award-winning director Tony Krawitz and Oscar-nominated sound mixer Wayne Pashley.

This unique film was developed in collaboration with consultants, composers, writers and actors from blind and low vision communities all over the world.

It follows an original story of a neuroscientist trapped inside his father’s mind, along with his ex-girlfriend and an unsuspecting delivery driver. To escape, they must journey through crumbling memories and forgotten worlds.

‘TOUCH’ premiered at iconic theatres across Australia, where both sighted and non-sighted people were invited to experience the film together.

Movember: The Mo is Calling
Sound Studio: Heckler Sound
Production Company: Revolver
Director: Matt Devine
Creative Agency: DDB Melbourne
Created for last year’s Movember campaign to raise funds and awareness for men’s health, the film features pilgrims journeying across a desert landscape, called to a single point by a shared symbol – The Mo.

Aligned by the common cause of men’s health, people of all backgrounds and moustache status come together beneath a chrome moustache in the sky. This campaign ran across the UK, US, Canada, Ireland, NZ and Australia, and features a track from Mongolian Metal band, The Hu, with a Voiceover by British comedian, Matt Berry.

ON: The Right to Race
Music and Sound Studio: Heckler Sound
Production Company: Hungry Man
Director: Richard Bullock
Creative Agency: BULLOCK
Premiering in Cannes on World Refugee Day in 2023, The Right to Race is a documentary telling the story of Dominic Lokinyomo Lobalu’s journey from South Sudan to running glory.

Born in a remote village in South Sudan, and forced out of the country as 9 year old by the conflict that killed his parents, Dominic grew into a prodigy endurance runner.

While representing the Kenyan Athlete Refugee Team in Geneva in 2019, he made the dramatic choice to leave the team hotel and apply for asylum in Switzerland.

Dominic was introduced to former athlete Marcus Hagmann, who would become his coach. Hangmann was immediately captivated by the elegance of Lobalu’s running: ‘Dominic is like a puzzle. His piece and my piece immediately matched at the beginning.’

While at the time of filming he was unable to compete for his found home in Switzerland due to his refugee status, Dominic persisted in the competitive running circuit. Achieving a meteoric string of wins even as his future remained uncertain, we see Dominic’s trials and triumphs in life and in running, as well as his infectious optimism and relentless willpower, set against the dazzling scenery of rural Switzerland.


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