The Work 2024 Contenders: DPR&Co

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Campaign Brief recognises and showcases the great work that is being produced in the region with The Work 2024 Contenders. Here is DPR&Co’s Top 2…

Workwear Group: KingGee. You wear the crown.
KingGee is a century-old Australian workwear brand that had been a market leader and innovator since its inception. Disparate messaging and inconsistent investment over recent times meant the brand had lost momentum. We needed to inspire a new generation to see this iconic Australian brand in a completely new and relatable light.

We based our campaign on the insight that the tradie “class” had moved up in Australian society – they are more respected today than ever before. They earn more, often run their own businesses, and they do things on their own terms.

Our brand idea built a connection to this incredibly motivated and proud audience, positioning KingGee as high-performance workwear for today’s high performance trades professionals.

Our campaign leveraged both the brand name and the iconic “crown” logo that appears on every KingGee garment with the line: ‘KingGee. You wear the crown’.

Caterpillar: VisionLink The Power of Knowing
This was a complex B2B brief. As the world’s leading construction equipment brand, Caterpillar had invested heavily in equipment telematics, creating several products, each with specific functionality. Customers found working with these many datapoints across different applications complex and confusing. This opened the door to both OEM and other developers to create competitor products.

Caterpillar responded by integrating all its telematic technologies and marketing the new platform under the VisionLink brand.

The objective of this campaign was to position VisionLink as an easy-to-understand and intuitive platform that provides actionable insights for big, small and mixed fleet operators – the single point of truth for all relevant machine data. We also need to deliver it in 17 countries and six languages.

Our campaign needed to convince audiences that, no matter how big or small their fleet, VisionLink can uncover the vital data that your machines have been keeping from you.


The deadline for Campaign Brief’s The Work 2024 has now closed. If your company entered The Work and would like to showcase your work in our Contenders series please email