The Work 2024 Contenders: cummins&partners

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Campaign Brief recognises and showcases the great work that is being produced in the region with The Work 2024 Contenders. Here is cummins&partners’ Top 3…

Stellantis Australia: Alfa AI
How do you build excitement for the launch of a car so classified that you’re not allowed to show it? This was the challenge we faced promoting Alfa Romeo’s much anticipated new supercar. With limited funds, minimal time and every detail of the project under embargo, we needed to think well outside the box in order to engage with car journalists (and eager ‘Alfistis’) to build momentum leading to the launch.

In an audacious world first, we gave journalists the interactive task of predicting our supercar’s design, then brought those predictions to life using AI image technology. The resulting images were then shared with our journalists, giving them something tangible to write about, and creating an entirely new conversation regarding the project (and creating a little healthy artistic competition among them along the way). We then extended the concept to our wider audience, generating hundreds of unique designs and images for use in the campaign, whilst building worldwide anticipation along the way.

Essity Australia: Live Liberated
The initial launch of Libra’s ‘Live liberated’ platform aimed to empower people by subverting the pressures to conform to unattainable standards of perfection. In this second campaign, Libra is taking it a step further by putting moments that are shrouded in stigma, hidden, or taboo front and centre to empower individuals to be liberated from societal pressures.

The campaign showcases a range of moments that are an everyday experience for Libra’s customers, and yet are still seen as a taboo by society. Moments such as blood-stained sheets, relieving period pain through pleasure, feeling the need to have to hide away from pain, embracing how your vulva looks, and shining a light on the complicated condition that is endometriosis.

City of Melbourne: Hottest Ice Cream
The City of Melbourne has a stellar line-up of non-stop winter experiences, but a lot of Melburnians opt for the couch at the first sign of drizzle. To get people off their couches and into town, we needed to remind them why the best Melbourne has to offer happens ‘Only in the City’.

And what better way to get their attention than to use the sounds and sights of summer, then flip the hell out of them with the last thing you’d expect during Winter; a custom-made ice cream van. *Cue the sound of ‘Greensleeves’* With the help of local MasterChef finalist Sarah Todd, we developed a one-off dish that merged traditional Indian flavours and native ingredients with a creative, Melbourne flair. Inspired by the city’s eclectic and diverse dining scene, what looked exactly like ice cream would actually be piping hot, potato based Aloo Gobi soft serve.


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