The Work 2024 Contenders: Connecting Plots

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Campaign Brief recognises and showcases the great work that is being produced in the region with The Work 2024 Contenders. Here is Connecting Plots’ Top 3…

Westinghouse: Happy to Help
Connecting Plots
Westinghouse needed to protect long term growth in a category dominated by technology giants who use gimmicky features on their appliances to lure in consumers. But we knew that people are happiest when functional, efficient and uncomplicated appliances deliver what they promise on the box.

Our brand platform ‘Happy to Help’ positions Westinghouse as the quiet, reliable helping hand in Aussie homes, promising that when called upon, Westinghouse will step up and help out, so people can get back to living.

The campaign came to life in broadcast, social, earned, PR and retail channels, with our launch campaign’s hero film telling the story of a planned dinner party gone wrong, thanks to a lively Grey Morwong fish who has other plans – with Westinghouse quietly stepping up to the plate to save the day.

Maggi Fusian: Seriously Slurpable
Connecting Plots
In a blind taste test, Maggi Fusian Mi Goreng was preferred in flavour over its largest competitor, cult favourite, Indomie – we just needed people to try it to believe it.

Our core insight danced on a cultural fault line that in many Asian cultures, slurping noodles is a sign of enjoyment and deep appreciation of the food. However in western culture, it can be seen as rude or offensive. To combat this delicious tension, we introduced the Maggi Fusian ‘Slurp Shield’ – a device that suppresses slurp noises to a quiet whisper.

We put it in the hands of TikTokers so they could road test the Maggi Fusian Range and start the conversation around slurp etiquette, unleashing their loudest slurps without destroying their personal relationships. The native content was repurposed with brand codes across a four week campaign to drive brand salience across paid brand channels.

Muffin Break: Take A Breakation
Connecting Plots
Our new brand platform ‘Take a Breakation’ asks people to reappraise the Muffin Break brand, positioning it as a respite from the busy day-to-day, to take a meaningful break from the chaos of daily life. The platform also includes a new look and feel, playful tone of voice, as well as new product developments supported with more consistent above the line activity, reframing how consumers see the brand.

The campaign’s hero film shows that everyone deserves a break from the stresses of modern life. And we mean everyone…


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