The Work 2024 Contenders: Clemenger BBDO

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Campaign Brief recognises and showcases the great work that is being produced in the region with The Work 2024 Contenders. Here is Clemenger BBDO’s Top 3…

Department of Transport & Planning: Hi-Vis Humanity
Clemenger BBDO
Frontline transport workers’ hi-vis uniforms are designed to protect them. Yet, research shows these uniforms are also making workers a greater target for abuse, by reducing passengers’ ability to see them as people.

So, we redesigned workers’ uniforms to showcase all the things a uniform usually hides — their personalities, interests, and stories.

Award-winning embroidery artists from across Australia crafted the new vests. Their stitching techniques, design choices and materials were also customised to each worker.

Uniform personalisation is now rolling out to 3000+ workers.

Carlton Dry: Imported from Drylandia
Clemenger BBDO
Carlton Dry didn’t have an exotic provenance story, something all the best beer brands have, so we made one up. Welcome to Drylandia. With a little help from Andreas Nilsson and the team at BaconX we created a wonderfully absurd world that makes such little sense it kind of makes sense.

Bowel Cancer Australia: Irregular Chocolates
Clemenger BBDO
Bowel Cancer rates in young people are rising at an alarming rate globally. It is Australia’s deadliest cancer in people aged 25-44.

But the good news is, if caught early, there’s a 99% chance of successful treatment — it’s just a matter of knowing the symptoms to look out for in your poo.

But there’s a problem: poo isn’t the hottest of conversation topics. Nobody wants to talk about it…not even with the ones they love.

So, to break the poo taboo, Bowel Cancer Australia created Irregular Chocolates. A beautiful box of Valentine’s chocolates that taught the symptoms of bowel cancer to look out for in your poo. Each chocolate had a unique recipe and design, tailored to a symptom. Like Jammy, which represents blood in your poo through an oozy, blood-orange caramel centre.

Influencers and TikTok creators were gifted them, unboxing and savouring them with their audiences. It proved to be a controversially-delicious and meaningful conversation starter, it got the internet, mass publications, survivors and importantly, young people talking.


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