The Work 2023 Contenders: The General Store

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Campaign Brief recognises and showcases the great work that is being produced in the region with The Work 2023 Contenders…

Maple Beverages Co: Mode – Brand Launch
The General Store
While the local hard seltzer market has steadily been growing, it’s been the international giants and local breweries capitalising on this new opportunity. Until now.

We partnered with Mode to launch a Australian-crafted hard seltzer for those who appreciate the finer things in life. Not just another low-cal drink for those interested in six-pack abs and partying ‘til the sun comes up.

In 2022, we had the amazing opportunity to bring Mode to market. Starting with a few potential flavours and understanding of the founders’ ambitions, we worked from a blank sheet of paper to develop the name, strategy and market position, branding, packaging, website and advertising for this entirely new product.

As a name, Mode represents the unique manner in which something is experienced. As a brand, Mode seeks to capture this moment through bold flavours and a bespoke aesthetic. Using sensory triggers, we built an enigmatic narrative to sit with each flavour – to draw out an idea or thought while creating a story that aligns with each product. Our goal was to entice customers to engage and savour the product for what it tastes like and what it represents – a bespoke Australian creation designed to curate an experience through a strong brand message.


Jaycar x Brass Monkey: Meet the Family
The General Store
Consumers weren’t aware of Jaycar’s extended range of Brass Monkey fridges. To highlight the breadth of the product range, we developed a TV advertisement to show there’s an esky for everyone.

In this humorous advertisement, we dramatised the entire family of fridges by celebrating how everyone can enjoy a ‘no ice’ esky.

The “Meet the family” campaign is performing at an average of 600% return on ad spend in Australia and 430% in NZ across media channels.


Rebel: Immersive flagship store and CX launch
The General Store
With the arrival of the multinationals on our shores (Decathlon and JD Sports), Rebel needed to go hard to stake their claim as the dominant sports player. Rebel’s stores needed to become cool, inspirational spaces to attract customers.

So we created a highly experiential space for sports lovers at Rebel Rundle Mall. A rooftop basketball court? Check? A sneaker elevator, footy field in the basement and customisation kiosk? Check, check, check.

But we had to balance the creation of this massive experience centre with the need for business results. And it’s something we can definitely say we accomplished.

Since its opening, the store has experienced double digit growth across every single performance metric and is beating all targets on the business case developed for the project (including metrics such as traffic, sales, conversion, basket size and NPS). Some categories are even seeing three-figure year-on-year growth.

The store is also experiencing 80% year-on-year growth.


The Work 2023 Contenders: The General Store

Salvo Stores: Circular Economy store launch
The General Store
In 2022, we delivered one of Salvos Stores’ most exciting store transformations to date – converting a prominent Bondi Junction location into an inspirational place for treasure hunting, while celebrating the social and environmental good the store delivers.

We set out to create a distinct shopping environment that could cater to the needs of two vastly different customer types. A place where trend-based thrifters and those shopping out of necessity could come together under one roof and receive the same inspiring retail experience. No matter the reason for being there.

We removed the traditional charity bin from out the back of the store and moved it into the middle of the store. Ensuring that all donors get some human contact and a ‘thank you’ rather than just dumping products in ‘bins’ out the back.

We adapted the glowing red circle found in the brand identity, and used this as a basis for the round service desk at the heart of the store. A feature designed just as much for transactional purposes as a place for customers to come for help, or just pull up a stool and chat to team members while enjoying a hot drink.

We also created a dedicated boutique section of the store where customers could browse through designer pieces at affordable prices. A significant step change for Salvos Stores.



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