The Work 2023 Contenders: TBWA Australia

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Campaign Brief recognises and showcases the great work that is being produced in the region with The Work 2023 Contenders…

Consent Labs: Classify Consent
TBWA Sydney
In a post-MeToo world, Australia became a leader by passing progressive consent laws. However film and TV classifications were not keeping up with changes in the law and because lack of consent is often played for comedy or romance – two-thirds of Australians still can’t define what sexual consent is.

TBWA and Consent Labs, Australia’s leading consent experts, launched #ClassifyConsent, a campaign for the first-ever classification (“C”) to call out lack of consent. Just like with “violence” or “drug use”, the simple classification informs viewers of “lack of consent” before they watch content.

We launched by exposing the lack of consent in famous film scenes and shared the videos on TikTok and Instagram. All comms led to a site that provided further consent education, a growing list of films that contain ‘lack of consent’ as well as a petition to help lobby government.

With an earned reach of over 200 million, our campaign generated so much attention that Netflix endorsed the classification, and we’re now working with the Australian Government to officially implement the first-ever “C” classification to call out lack of consent.

mycar: R Plates
TBWA Sydney
Mental health has been a huge topic culturally, but there was one place where we were simply ignoring those suffering severe psychological trauma. The road. With a brand positioning of ‘People First’ mycar Tyre & Auto were uniquely placed to help.

‘R’ (Return) Plates – a plate to recognise drivers returning to the road after a traumatic incident.

The idea was launched in earned media, creating a conversation about the way drivers treat others on the road.

Paid media was used to raise awareness of the unspoken psychological impact that millions of Australians face every day.

QR codes on the R Plate connected drivers with links to psychological support services, making help available at any time and providing access to the science behind road trauma recovery.

By creating a physical plate (to be placed on a car) and wrapping earned first storytelling around it, we were able to garner huge media coverage and start a conversation that exploded across social media.

Not only that, the idea has received a groundswell of support from the automotive industry, creating a pathway to lobby government for a national rollout in 2023.

Vodka Cruiser: The Solo Project
TBWA Melbourne
Female masturbation is not something popular culture talks about, engages with, or even acknowledges. This silence enforces the taboo around female self-pleasure, with over 50% of women feeling ashamed to do it. So to break down the stigma, Vodka Cruiser broke up Australia’s biggest pop duo.

We partnered with The Veronicas to launch The Solo Project, an initiative empowering them to ‘go solo’ in celebration of self-pleasure. Why? Because it made sense for a brand that’s all about championing female fun. One iconic duo. Two self-pleasure anthems. By getting so loud about female masturbation, we made sure it couldn’t be ignored, censored, or silenced, any longer.

Melbourne Writers festival: The Art of Words
TBWA Melbourne
While AI generated imagery sparked a worldwide debate on the future of art, no one was talking about the words needed to create them. For the Melbourne Writers Festival, we used AI art to prove the enduring power of the written word. In one of the world’s first uses of AI art, we created a collection of artwork by entering passages from literary icons Mary Shelley, Herman Melville, H.G. Wells, Bram Stoker and George Orwell, word for word, into the AI – Mid Journey. Showing that no matter how far technology advances, great writing will always be relevant, and solidifying the Melbourne Writers Festival as Australia’s boldest literary event.


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