The Work 2023 Contenders: TABOO

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Campaign Brief recognises and showcases the great work that is being produced in the region with The Work 2023 Contenders…

Coopers: Roll The Beer. Unlock The Flavour
Coopers is one of the only breweries that naturally conditions its beer – a traditional brewing method that leaves flavourful sediment at the bottom of the beer. Therefore it was only right that we made Coopers biggest marketing campaign in 160 years about teaching people the secret of this process – enter ‘Roll the Beer. Unlock the Flavour.’

Running across summer, the campaign included a Hero Film for TV and digital, OOH, an augmented reality mobile game, extensive digital displays, Broadsheet and Pedestrian media partnership and the release of the originally composed single “Roll On” on vinyl via a guerrilla marketing campaign.

Up: The MayBuy Exchange
Up – Australia’s most progressive bank – launched a new feature, MayBuy, to help Aussies ‘save now – buy later’. Aligning with their mission to help people manage their money better, MayBuy helps users buy things they actually want, with money they actually have.

To launch MayBuy, we took a position in the controversial conversation around ‘Buy Now Pay Later’ culture. We created an ‘anti-retail retail-experience’ called The Maybuy Exchange, right in the heart of Melbourne. The MayBuy Exchange opened its doors with a simple invitation to indebted shoppers – bring in your most regretful purchase and we’ll buy it back off you, with cash directly into your (new) Up Saver account.

Our custom-built, AI-enabled ‘Anti-Impulse Machine’ scanned each item and deposited its estimated value into visitors’ Up Saver Account, driving acquisition, rewarding loyalty and starting thousands on their saving journey with Up.

Tribe Breweries – Wilde Guru: Align Your Thirstbuds
Tribe Breweries approached TABOO to develop a name, brand, pack design and launch campaign for a first-to-market beverage. The product? Hop water – a non-alcoholic, effervescent drink, lightly flavoured with hops (the stuff they put in beer to make it beery).

Seeking to target the modern refreshment hunter, we landed on the name ‘Wilde Guru’ and from this fertile territory flowed a mind-bending design to match. We let ‘modern psychedelia’ guide our design and art direction, embracing a vivid palette, enlightened motifs and playful typography. When viewed as a whole, the eye-catching matching-luggage design stands out from the pack and makes this beverage both a conversation starter and something you want to buy with your eyes.


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