The Work 2023 Contenders: Connecting Plots

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Campaign Brief recognises and showcases the great work that is being produced in the region with The Work 2023 Contenders…

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air-Conditioners Australia (MHIAA): Experts in Air
Connecting Plots
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air-Conditioners Australia wanted to increase sales over the peak summer installation period. But people rarely buy air-conditioners, so they tend to rely solely on recommendations from installers. In a notoriously dull category, we needed a fun way to appeal to both customers and installers. With a rich engineering heritage and slew of awards MHIAA have set themselves apart as the Experts in Air. But to keep this status they need to continually explore air. Exploration that goes beyond pure engineering and science. To truly understand air our technicians literally live and breathe it. Introducing the AirXperts.

30 SECONDS: Let’s Clean Things Up
Connecting Plots
After 3 years of La Niña, Australia was covered in mould, mildew, algae, dirt and grime. Our client wanted us to bring to life the unrivaled power of 30 SECONDS Outdoor Cleaner. In a notoriously low-interest category, we needed something to get people’s attention. Introducing Gneil and Gnoelene – outdoor loving, Aussie AF, foul-mouthed Spokes-Gnomes on a mission to clean things up. Gneil and Gnoelene are sick to death of people neglecting their outdoor surfaces and they aren’t afraid to call them out. This radio campaign launched 30 SECONDS’ new ‘Let’s Clean Things Up’ creative platform into the Australian market.

Menulog: Run & Win
Connecting Plots
Menulog had a dilemma with people going from hungry to hangry at record speed while waiting for food. And nobody wants hangry customers. We needed something to fill their time before filling their stomachs. Introducing Menulog Run – a TikTok hashtag challenge campaign that used a gamified lens to distract hangry customers while they wait for their delivery with immersive gameplay, turning wait time into game time. Using the lens, players suited up as a courier dodging obstacles while delivering an order, uploading their UGC game play and sharing it to the campaign hashtag to win limited edition Katy Perry inspired Sushi Sneakers. With an average game-time of 27 seconds across 77,000 players this engaging user generated content achieved +17 million views and increased ad recall by 20.4%.

Jägermeister: Win a Home Bar
Connecting Plots
Jägermeister is polarising. And when it came to their promotions no one really had a thirst for those either with record low entries. We desperately needed something fresh to encourage entries. Our brief was to build a new promo with a home bar as the major prize. And we were specifically asked to make entry easy. So, what did we do? We made it hard. Say Guten Tag to Frank Künster – Legendary Berlin bouncer. To enter this promo, you had to get past Frank first, then tell us in 25 words or less your best line to a bouncer to win.

Tourism Australia: It’s All Good Down Under
Connecting Plots
In Australia we don’t say hello. We say G’day. Because here, every day is a good day. ‘It’s All Good Down Under’ is a branded entertainment series designed to add depth and proof to Tourism Australia’s successful global brand campaign ‘Come Say G’day’ by showcasing all the good places, good people and extra good experiences on oer here in Australia. The series features Hamish Blake who invites the world to meet the warm and welcoming personalities behind Australia’s tourism industry who give hints, tips and inspiration to international holiday planners to plan their next Aussie holiday.


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