The Work 2022 Contenders: Paper Moose

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Campaign Brief recognises and showcases the great work that is being produced in the region with The Work 2022 Contenders…

Wynstan: Love is Blinds
Paper Moose
Known for its hot pink motif and iconic radio ads, Wynstan is a much loved brand with a loud and memorable aesthetic that stands out in their category. Wynstan needed to bring their unique brand to prime time TV nationally. These commercials deliver a product demonstration and factory tour disguised as a fever-dream, guided by the brand’s treasured mascot, Mr Wynstan, who proudly showcases his products and services for all to see.

Jimmy Brings: Jimmy Kicks
Paper Moose
Jimmy Brings wanted to hijack one of the most competitive seasons for alcohol sales — State of Origin. Instead of traditional advertising, the playbook was twisted to deliver an in-browser mobile game, Jimmy Kicks, to not only attract but hold the attention of the target audience.

Aside from being insanely addictive with a slew of prizes and vouchers on offer, Jimmy Kicks’ true beauty lay in the new media channels invented for the game. At every step, users were exposed to a multitude of in-game advertising cleverly disguised in the feel of the game — digital billboards, obstacles, sideline banners and blimps — promoting Jimmy Brings as well as its partners and sponsors.

Brighte: Bring the sun home
Paper Moose
Brighte wanted to launch its first B2C product, 0% solar financing, with a bang.

The campaign brings the sun home, bridging the gap between Australian homes and the bounties of the sun, just as Brighte does. Using attention-grabbing VFX and a high-energy tune, the big benefits of solar are explored in Australian homes.

With Fatboy Slim’s blessing, the campaign featured a new version of the classic, Brighte Here Brighte Now, helping build instant familiarity with the brand.


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