The Work 2022 Contenders: Elevencom

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Campaign Brief recognises and showcases the great work that is being produced in the region with The Work 2022 Contenders…

Broccolini: Accidental Chef
How do you do great advertising for a vegetable? Thankfully Broccolini is not your average vegie. In fact, it was awarded “Category Changing Product of the Last 20 years” at Woolworths most recent Supplier of the Year Awards. We wanted to create a campaign that lived up to that reputation for disruption. Broccolini solves the fundamental problem facing home cooks every night of the week. How do I feed my family or housemates a meal that’s both tasty and healthy without it taking half the night to prepare. This execution demonstrates how Broccolini ticks all those boxes while playing on the insight that we all want to cook superfood, even if we aren’t necessarily super chefs.

GreenSkin G-Max Avocados: Perfectly Predictable
We all love avocados. They’re so versatile, easy to prepare, naturally healthy and wonderfully delicious. There’s only one catch: avocados are a bit unpredictable. Because, until you slice them open, you never know if they are fresh and golden green on the inside or a mass of mushy grey. GreenSkin G-Max avocados solve this problem and remove the pre-slice avocado anxiety. They’re a unique breed of avocado that’s much less prone to bruising and discolouring. Which makes them perfectly predictable. We created a perfectly predictable ad to match.

Calypso Mangoes: Ice Cream Man
Mangoes are the ultimate impulse purchase and an iconic part of every Aussie summer. Supermarkets traditionally put them at the front of stores because they drag people in. And Calypso mangoes, in their bright blue cardboard trays, are the most magnetic mango of all. Why? Because Calypsos have more mango and less seed, and their deliciously sweet flavour and silky smooth flesh is totally irresistible. This latest instalment of the Calypso Man campaign is designed to make the brand mentally available in those crucial summer moments when deciding which mango to pick.

Domino’s: Twister
Domino’s has always been famous for delivery. And when the pandemic hit, Domino’s was one of the first brands to introduce zero contact delivery for even greater convenience and peace of mind. Carpark Delivery was created to offer the same contactless service to the pick-up side of their business. This commercial was one of a series dramatizing, in a larger-than life way, the benefit of staying in the comfort and safety of your car while picking up your pizza.


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