The Work 2022 Contenders: CHEP Network

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Campaign Brief recognises and showcases the great work that is being produced in the region with The Work 2022 Contenders…

The Work 2022 Contenders: CHEP Network The Work 2022 Contenders: CHEP Network

Flybuys: Give a Flybuys
CHEP Network
Despite being the biggest and most well-known loyalty program in Australia, with 1 in 3 Australians part of their membership base, Flybuys were facing a cliff of ambivalence about the program, making the future of the program look dire. Not only were two thirds of our base completely dormant, having not redeemed a single point in the last year, but also, in comparison to other loyalty programs we were attracting fewer younger members. As they saw the brand as boring, outdated and ‘pointless’.

So, we were set the challenge of making Flybuys relevant to the next generation of shoppers; those under 35. By reframing savvy as the new sexy. A program that could help more Aussies thrive instead of simply survive pay-check to pay-check.

Give a Flybuys is a 3-minute music video or anthem – that repositions Australia’s oldest loyalty program by showing that savviness is something to be proud of.

A cast of characters all invented from a wealth of shopping data. As we cut from person to person, across the country – they each break the fourth wall to boast about their savviness and what they’ve redeemed thanks to Flybuys. Regardless of whether they’re redeeming groceries, holidays, school uniforms or Moscato – it’s clear that this ensemble share the same pride in points-collecting. Because when you Give a Flybuys, you take more. After seeing the campaign, people were increasingly seeing Flybuys as personally relevant (from 43% to 45%) and started seeing Flybuys as a ‘smarter way to shop’ from 31% to 33%. In the first 4 months of the brand repositioning we saw a 25% increase in sign-ups, which translates to 113k new members.

Of our new savvy members, 39% of them were under 34 year olds, a complete turnaround in audience base. And this group was actually using the program; we saw a 10% increase in offers activated (which is a signal for intent) since the campaign launched. Flybuys does not track ROI as a measure of success. Engagement with the product and the ability to gather unique consumer data as a way to recruit and service more partners is their core KPI.


The Work 2022 Contenders: CHEP Network

Samsung: Performance Enhancing Music
CHEP Network
Samsung’s mission is to defy barriers to progress, as the official sponsors of the Australian Olympic team, Samsung wanted to replace the absence of crowd motivation at the Tokyo Olympics with another form of support.
Working with Olympians we gave them an edge over competitors by leveraging something already used by athletes across the globe. Music. We created personalized tracks, each scientifically proven to enhance performance. Every beat, lyric, instrument and artists were chosen to match their desired mind-state, event, and musical preference. To further enhancement performance, we tested and fine-tuned 13 audio-triggers including isochronic tones, personal mantras, cadence and more. Then brought the tracks to life with their favourite Australian artist. Athletes used their tracks to prepare and compete in Tokyo. As the world listened along on Spotify.

The campaign delivered wide reach:
· 83 million impressions
· Over 183 thousand minutes listened
· 22 million video views

The campaign also delivered 182,879 site visits, with a valuable 73.3% share of the audience being Apple customers.

The campaign delivered a big uplift in Ad Recall across channels:

+12.23% improvement in Ad Recall vs. Control on YouTube
+45.45% improvement in Ad Recall vs. Control on SNAP
+135.71% improvement in Ad Recall vs. Control on Twitter


The Work 2022 Contenders: CHEP Network

Samsung The Unclosable Store
CHEP Network
In November of 2021, Samsung were completing renovations to their Sydney, Parramatta Experience store, it was going to be better than ever once complete. Trouble was, they were closing down right when Sydney was opening back up.

And with our flagship store out of action, our number one objective was to grab people’s attention, and steal footfall from our biggest competitor. The brief therefore was to prime Parramatta shoppers to notice the store while it was being renovated, give them a way to engage with Samsung, and be aware of the reopening date.

Where others saw cladding outside an under renovation store, we saw a unique media opportunity. So we turned it into a one-of-a-kind interactive experience. A 15m2 mosaic wall made out of hundreds of completely unique QR codes had people glued to the wall, scanning them to unlock games, fashion, music, AR experiences and good old fashioned prizes.

The wall was a huge success. We had 279% more engagement with the wall than we had footfall to our store before it went under renovation.

The wall was scanned a total of 11,498 times.

Every prize hidden on the wall was found. (with a few failed attempts to hack our servers to steal them).

Most importantly, 57% of people who engaged with the wall were on an iOS device, proving you don’t even need to be open to steal foot traffic from your biggest competitor.



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