The Work 2022 Contenders: BWM isobar

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Campaign Brief recognises and showcases the great work that is being produced in the region with The Work 2022 Contenders…

Garvan Institute of Medical Research: Disease Dilemmas
BWM isobar
With thousands of disease-related charities competing for donations, how do you decide who to help? We confronted the public with a range of life-threatening diseases, posing this exact question. Help the young mother with pancreatic cancer, or the musician with Parkinson’s disease? The teacher with a kidney condition, or the student with immune disease? Each execution challenges you to think, interact and ultimately donate to the Garvan Institute, whose genomics research can help them all.

Foot Locker: Mark of Greatness
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Ever since Jordan’s ‘Jumpman’ logo, it’s been every baller’s dream to have their own player logo on their shoe. So how did we connect to the next generation of basketball fans when we didn’t have access to the superstars of the game? We gave them access to the next best thing – the opportunity to make their very own player logo, just like the superstars.

Charles Sturt University: Subject Zero
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1 in 5 Australian students experience sexual harassment or assault at university. To help reduce this unacceptable statistic, we created a new Charles Sturt University subject: Subject Zero. Ambient posters became interactive lessons, with QR-coded imagery directly linking 45,000 students to essential education and actions – prompting them to report sexual misconduct, start a confidential conversation, be safe on campus, get consent from a sexual partner, and call out harassment. Subject Zero brought sexual conduct education and empowerment into the places where assault and harassment are most likely to occur: all students had to do was directly scan the code.

Surfing Australia: The Irukandjis
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Surfing Australia needed a new identity to help galvanise the Australian surfing team and give them a competitive edge in their first-ever Olympic Games. Working in close consultation with Indigenous communities, we developed The Irukandjis – a new name and design identity that not only galvanised the team but rallied the support of the entire country. The Irukandjis went on to become a winning mantra for the team as, against all odds, Owen Wright claimed Australia’s first-ever Olympic medal in surfing. A historic moment winning for Australia, and Australia’s First Nations People, as one.

NBN: Made for More
BWM isobar
Australia’s newly-evolved nbn™ network is Made For More: more internet speed, more fibre upgrades, and more regional support. This fully-integrated campaign brought to life all of the mind-blowing possibilities of the network – from super-sports streaming to pixel-cow smart-farming – in a seamless journey through the mind’s eye of one nbn engineer.


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