The Work 2021 Contenders: TBWA\Melbourne

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Campaign Brief recognises and showcases the great work that is being produced in the region with The Work 2021 Contenders…

Deakin University: Opportunity
Reimagining Berton Braley’s 1919 post WW1 poem “Opportunity” through the voice of a modern day First Nations spoken poet – this film for Deakin University brings Braley’s timeless worlds to life in a contemporary and mesmerising manner, by focusing on humankind’s relationship with the ocean as a metaphor for life – beautiful, serene and inspiring one moment, turbulent and unpredictable the next.

In the closing shadows of a global pandemic Braley’s words are particularly pertinent more than a century later, especially for a young, hopeful school leaver setting out to find their place in a wholly changed world. And by marrying these words to a simple but elegantly considered visual, Deakin has produced a thoughtful and evocative campaign to inspire prospective tertiary students to see opportunity in the future and view Deakin as the university that can help them get ready for it.

WorkSafe: Unsafe Is Always Unacceptable
Together with WorkSafe and psychologist Dr Michael Carr-Gregg, we conducted a real-life social experiment to shine a light on how young workers can feel pressured to work in unsafe conditions.

We invited a group of young workers to a series of ‘industry information sessions’ outlining some of the potential unsafe conditions in their industry. Each participant was asked whether they would be willing to work in these conditions, with 91% saying yes.

This somewhat shocking experiment led viewers to the WorkSafe website, informing Young Workers they had the right to be safe at work and that Unsafe is Always Unacceptable.

SEEK: Sleepmix
To soothe Australia’s career anxieties we created an audio experience that delivers a mixture of music and bespoke career advice to help people sleep easy. As part of the experience, we collaborated with Australian hip hop legend, Briggs, who wrote and performed 2x ‘Bedtime Rhymes’ and voiced useful career advice, complete with tips and tools, which put listeners at ease. The advice was written by SEEK Resident Psychologist and mixed in a soothing soundscape by music therapist, Bill Thompson. The unique Spotify algorithm curated music based on the users listening behaviour that created the SEEK Sleepmix.

Bumble Australia: Make The First Move
Why does society judge women who act on their impulses, but excuse men for doing the same thing with phrases like “boys will be boys”? In an attempt to shift the out-dated power dynamics of dating, and help new relationships start on a more equal footing, Bumble is the only dating app where women are empowered to make the first move. This local brand campaign unapologetically celebrates and empowers Aussie girls to make the first move, all while giving a subtle middle-finger to the double standards of dating with the line, “girls will be girls”.


The entry deadline for Campaign Brief’s The Work 2021 has now closed. Entries are FREE with only an acceptance fee charged for those that make the cut.