The Work 2021 Contenders: Special Group

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Campaign Brief recognises and showcases the great work that is being produced in the region with The Work 2021 Contenders…

Uber Eats: Uber Eats No Repeats
Special Group
Our creative challenge was to beat the unbelievable success of the year before, which was no easy feat. The only downfall of year one was repetition, we did the same hack over and over again, so the surprise wore off. So we agreed to sponsor the Australian Open again and up the ante… and we did. Could we make it so every day was different, a new surprise? YES. More surprising, more entertaining, more engaging and more comedic. This year, viewers enjoyed comedic moments beyond the ads and live tennis. No moment was safe from ‘Tonight I’ll be Eating’, with ads masquerading as refreshers, replays, classic moments reels, interviews and graphics. The campaign managed over 11.3m media impressions, 6.8m video views and was up 11% from last year. The campaign was also a global finalist in The Immortal Awards.

Uber Eats: Tropical Whopper
Special Group
In 2020/21, Aussies were never more acutely aware of how they can’t travel to the tropics like they usually do. And the flipside of that coin is that many tropical tour guides were now out of work. Aussies pride themselves on helping the underdog – so when Uber Eats wanted to promote Hungry Jack’s Tropical Whopper burger, we saw an opportunity to help. Unable to give tours of their tropical paradises, we recruited and paid island tour guides to give tours of the Tropical Whopper burger instead. We found a number of tour guides across the tropics, from the Cook Islands to Bali, and worked with remote crews to film them giving us a guided verbal tour of the Tropical Whopper burger. The films were made for Instagram and Snapchat, and targeted to a mix of fast food fans, as well as Aussies missing out on their annual tropical holiday. But most of all, the campaign helped those hit hardest by the travel ban itself.

Pirate Life: The Pirate Movie
Special Group
Pirate life has always embraced a rebellious spirit. As illegal movie downloads soared during Covid, we wanted to do something special for our fellow rebels in lockdown. From one pirate to another, we found a way to connect with this rogue behaviour by creating the 1st ever pirate beer movie download. We disguised codes for free beer as the most popular illegal movie downloads, down to the name and file size, then uploaded them to the biggest torrent sites. Encouraging pirates to respond to Pirate Life in a more active and creative way, this campaign was a highly targeted, and innovative use of torrents which has never been done before. Despite the campaign’s questionable legality, some brave pirates did post about it. Thousands downloaded our torrents and hundreds entered their details to claim their free beer and live the pirate life for real.


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