The Work 2021 Contenders: Special Group

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Campaign Brief recognises and showcases the great work that is being produced in the region with The Work 2021 Contenders…

Every Kiwi Vote Counts: Meddle in the New Zealand Election
Special Group
Close to one million New Zealanders live overseas. But, only 1 in 10 voted in the 2017 New Zealand election. That left a serious amount of Kiwis not having a say. So, to influence overseas non-voters to become voters in 2020, nonpartisan initiative Every Kiwi Vote Counts turned to the experts in online election influencing. Yes, we turned to the Russians. Our spokesperson, Viktor, targeted overseas Kiwis on social, through PR and outdoor, explaining how easy it was to “meddle in the New Zealand election.” And like any good Russian meddler, he got results – with overseas votes rising by 42%/

Optus: Amazing Race
Special Group
Our challenge was to bring Optus’ positioning to life by showing Optimism in Action. Through this we could imbue meaning into ‘Yes’ and do this in a way that powerfully connects with Australians in the long-term. The Amazing Race is the first story released which focuses on an apartment of kids all doing their bit to create something great. Something that started with someone saying ‘yes’. The execution positively shifted all key brand emotional drivers including; pride, happiness, surprise and love. On these dials, it has been Optus’ most effective brand campaign.

Tourism New Zealand: Do Something New, New Zealand
Special Group
When Covid-19 hit, the world closed its borders and international tourism was abruptly halted in its tracks. To inspire everyday kiwis to fill the void left by international tourism, reboot an entire industry and help the New Zealand economy recover, Special developed ‘Do Something New, New Zealand’. An inspiring idea (and campaign line) that encourages kiwis to not just go on any holiday, but a NEW one. We launched the campaign through the power of song, fronted by a couple of national treasures, and our catchy jingle Do Something New, New Zealand spread across Spotify, vinyl and all media channels – getting Kiwis out and about, and injecting $7.6 billion back into the tourism industry.

The Work 2021 Contenders: Special Group The Work 2021 Contenders: Special Group

Guinness: St Patrick’s Day 2021
Special Group
With Saint Patrick Day celebrations being cancelled all over the world – some for the second year running – Guinness wanted to bring Kiwis closer together. They turned to Special to run a topical OOH campaign encouraging New Zealanders to celebrate St Patrick’s Day for the world, but do so in a manner that keeps us all safe.


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