The Sweet Shop Films’ directing duo Special Problems premieres short film at Cannes for The Weinstein Company and Lexus International

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lexus_filmmakers.jpgLast week, Campbell Hooper and Joel Kefali, the multidisciplinary partnership known as Special Problems, premiered their original short film “Echoes” as part of the “Life is Amazing” series produced by The Weinstein Company and Lexus International.

The film is one of five in the “Life is Amazing” series, which was designed as a showcase for fresh, international filmmakers to share dynamic, awe-inspiring stories that matched both the sophistication and innovation of both The Weinstein Company and Lexus.

The New Zealand based pairing was hand selected by Harvey Weinstein and The Weinstein Company COO David Glasser to join filmmakers from the US, Europe, China, and Japan for the project.


Says Hooper: “It was a real privilege for us to be involved with The Weinstein Company. The artistic respect they gave us as directors in terms of our personal creative choices was refreshing and their ability to take a short film project like this and present it in an atmosphere like Cannes is unique. It’s not often you get to share a round table discussion with Tim Burton and Harvey Weinstein to talk about your film!”


Made in association with global media company The Sweet Shop Films, the campaign is yet another example of the many ways in which the company is showcasing their in-house talent.


Says paul Prince, The Sweet Shop Films CEO: “Campbell Hooper and Joel Kefali of Special Problems have written and directed a most beautiful story. I can’t thank Lexus and The Weinstein Company enough for the opportunity given to The Sweet Shop. We are very proud of the film and to be associated with the “Life is Amazing” short film series.”


Says Harvey Weinstein: “One of the most rewarding things about this industry is having the opportunity to discover new talent. We are thrilled to be partnering with Lexus on this new venture which is shining a spotlight on rising filmmakers and giving them a platform to share their stories with the world.”

(Pictured: Harvey Weinstein with Campbell Hooper (left) and the rest of the Lexus Short Films directors).